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  2. From the Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space. If you haven't seen the interviews with him on the making of Dead Space, I highly recommend it. Hearing him on how they made the game and his ideas behind it make me excited to see another similar game headed by him. Its just a cinematic trailer, but it's hard not to be excited by that.
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  4. Keth

    Dead Space

    I hate that I'm gonna have to give EA money for this. But this reminds me to make a thread for The Callisto Protocol, which looks like a spiritual successor to Dead Space by the original game's creator.
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  6. Looking forward to this, even though I've only clocked ~1 hr into SMTIII - surely my cumulative 220+ hrs in Persona grants me something here.
  7. Heard a rumor about this a few months ago when it was still called the "Steam Pal" and just thought it was one of those Valve projects that was tossed around and wasn't really going anywhere. The announcement absolutely blindsided me, and I got my reservation on one yesterday. This thing is going to be the ultimate backlog clearer / emulation powerhouse for me
  8. couldn't find if we'd had a thread - anyone else enjoy watching speedrunning & other challenges on SGDQ? ill try to post a few classics later, the Ninja Gaiden pacifist challenge in particular blew my mind years back.
  9. so with nintendo & sony both out of the dedicated handheld lane, this is kinda interesting - had no idea valve was working on this, but the specs seem cool? stick placement less so, but interested to see how this plays out. aside: man, the pandemic sent handheld stuff through the roof, so this is some good timing
  10. finally caught up on my queue of monthly stuff again, trying out other books Monsteress - really need to make a thread for this one; i'm 10 issues in and it's just fantastic. the art is amazing, the entire world/lore are crazy interesting. i'd be surprised if this one never becomes an animated/show. ill try to sum it up better in said thread, just dark fantasy stuff with so much world-building going on, but in a way that i really look forward to where the journey leads (even if it's always going to be bloody). We Only Find Them When They're Dead - tried t
  11. yeah, like how this one wrapped up, not sure if non-comic fans will dig it though?
  12. Keith, so close according to google. I think any comic book buff will figure it out, of course coming to me after watching a few YouTube videos. Episode 5 in my opinion was a bit weak but they made up for it in 6. Btw the one who plays the part is really good.
  13. spoiler I think asking at this point is sort of a spoiler because it's established at the beginning it's the three timekeepers. At the end of episode 4 I thought it would be clever to make it Mobius. But after 5, where he is driving that pizza car, not so sure anymore. I do think it would be someone in the show so far so everything is wrapped up for us.
  14. Anyone got any theories on who is responsible for the TVA? Keeping expectations in check, cause the shows are playing it more or less safe it seems, but if I were to go all out crazy mine is that
  15. In my humble opinion... This is the best marvel series. The trailer makes it look like a philosophical show but it's more about character and the interesting story within the setting they have created with charm and humor. Yes there are some plot holes but only the pickiest of viewers will worry since it's so much fun. Like the god of mischief, expect twists. So watch it before they get spoiled for you. Hope they keep up this quality till the end.
  16. What a horrible night to have a curse
  17. So yeah, The Boys the TV show is an improvement on all fronts.
  18. I never made it through the Boys, not first time round, nor when I started re-reading it on my phone after watching the series. Ennis definitely lost his appeal around then. Seems like throughout his career he's had a pixie on each shoulder, one called Bathos and the other Pathos, each whispering in his ear, it seems at some point Bathos bit off Pathos' head and shat down his neck, and that's why we have the Ennis we have today. Preacher (the TV show) was alright, but the comic was great. None of the characters were quite what they were supposed to be, but Jesse himself was the greatest er
  19. Spoilers won't work for some reason, but "It was ____ all along" was such a perfect moment. Love this show, and really appreciated that they really went with it for the first few episodes. It was brave.
  20. "1995 Bear Picture Nominees" While I like Forest Gump it's not even in the same ball park for me. Shawshank is incredible, but Pulp Fiction is a near perfect film, and for me takes the win.
  21. I liked all three movies a lot. Now that I am an adult though, I feel uncomfortable with the gratuitous use of the N-word in Pulp Fiction. It is completely unnecessary to the story. I voted for Gump, but Shawshank is just as good. They both have a timeless quality to them.
  22. Many months later. I really enjoyed this after the weird as fuck first few episodes. Kathryn Hahn fully stole the show for me though.
  23. yeah i'm leaning in that direction too - influence is a whole other question, but if i'm gonna put one of those on today, it'd be pulp fiction
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