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  2. yeah, it was fun bringing that one up last year when people were mad as fuck about the FF VIIR nestle promo thing, haha
  3. reddit having a thing about how seinfeld's hallway can't exist
  4. Earlier
  5. So they added lensflare, fog, and cranked the brightness up a bunch so the image looks washed out and they want me to believe that that version looks better?
  6. King of the Hill Returns? Animated Revival Series in 'Hot Negotiations' - IGN According to writer Brent Forrester, King of the Hill creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are in "hot negotiations" to bring back the beloved animated series. www.ign.com
  7. ‘Justified’ Team Reunites to Develop Elmore Leonard Novel at FX, Timothy Olyphant Rumored to Return as Raylan Givens
  8. entirely here for this, even if i've only got trailer park boys to add at the moment
  9. To go along with my hipster beard, I'm obliged to declare that I was into sea shanties before it was cool. I fucking love traditional folk songs which sea shanties are basically a subgenre of. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem are legendary over here and are no strangers to a good shanty. Also, in case your blood is now pumping around your body at such a rate you're afraid you heart is going to explode, here's possibly the saddest song I've ever heard to bring you back down. It's not a shanty, but it's one of my favourite ever songs.
  10. They're in style now apparently! Post some more, I don't know many outside of the tik tok one and ones from Black Flag.
  11. Well holy shit...the movie finally came out in theaters in Japan. We might get the movie before the end of the year.
  12. cannot wait for this, absolutely loving the beat-em-up revival. this looks like so much fun.
  13. Mike Patton singing the theme is perfect too. This looks fucking awesome.
  14. Cheers, just wasn't sure if it had been turned off for non admins or something.
  15. Am I blind, or do I no longer have the option for spoiler tags?
  16. Started watching this and its so fucking good. It's a Cyberpunk anime following a group of criminals (Akudama) as they reluctantly group up to take on a job. Heavily inspired by Tarantino, with some Cowboy Bebop vibes, but with an overarching storyline. I'm getting to the end and it feels like its gonna be a one and done anime, which I'm ok with. It's paced so well and just a blast to watch. Don't sit on this. I was gonna throw this in my lil review thread, but it deserves it's own.
  17. cmon hondo's, let's get together for this absolute classic!
  18. godamn, that was violent - this may actually end up being more fun than the 90's one, somehow? i still consider the latter to be one of the most enjoyable video game films out there, but this looks like a blast
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