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  2. plus 1 & 2 getting switch ports today! so awesome, just need to see travis get an amiibo already
  3. Trailers made it look interesting. I get the overall impression it's good but not great. Now that S1 is over I'll hopefully be able to binge it soon. I believe it's renewed for S2.
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  5. So uh. Anyone finish this? I mean it was really good and then the ending got...weird? I didn't expect them to stick the landing but still.
  6. Thanks so much Ross, really appreciate the support. We're having so much fun with it. I've a few spin off ideas in mind regarding the pixel art as well, hopefully I can pull them off.
  7. The Raid vs Dredd is a favourite so far. Excellent work man, and the pixel art is savage.
  8. LL put me onto gondry years ago, was reading through a thread of their music video work & had to share em here
  9. Here's all the episodes we've released so far. From episode 2 I've been making custom pixel art each week.
  10. Green Lantern HBO Max Series Characters Revealed noticably absent are hal, stewart & the goat kyle, presumably being saved for an upcoming movie? or later season i guess? hyped either way!
  11. tribue to andre 3000 guest verses and of course one of the finest
  12. It pleases me that Tony Oliver is now canonically the English-language voice of Lupin.
  13. Other issues popped up tonight, had to get ahold of tech support. They fixed it within hours. Icons are back, things seem faster, you can actually see the front page when you're not logged it. I'll check out working on themes whenever I get done with some stuff in the next couple weeks.
  14. Them getting the voice crew i remember from the old adult swim days has me pretty excited.
  15. Was gonna laugh react the first post, and I guess I already did 2 years ago when it was posted. Still gold!
  16. Tame Impala are pretty awesome. If you're looking for something that blends psych/funk/rock together, Khruangbin are probably my band of the year so far.
  17. I think it's just the initial load that sucks for me. If it's still working for you guys I'm not going to tinker too much, so I don't break anything
  18. was put onto some newer rock (says it's psych?), kinda scratches that toro y moi itch for me. digging this.
  19. okay yeah, basic skin works fine - discord is giving me shit logging in, but maybe that's firefox & VPN/plugins speed's okay for me though? hard to tell, maybe my connection's kinda butt so much that i don't really notice
  20. https://tmsanime.com/news/tms-and-gkids-announces-english-dub-cast-for-lupin-iii-the-first always down for more lupin!
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