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  1. Last week
  2. The second and third episodes were really good. I'm into the show now.
  3. I watched the first episode and it didn't really hook me yet. I'm going to watch a couple more episodes and see if I start to like it. I haven't read the comics.
  4. It's on Disney+ over here, but not debuting until the 22nd. Panch, Jax and Chris were discussing it on facebook but I scrolled past to avoid spoilers.
  5. Yeah, as soon as I hear about this kind of reaction, the same as Nolan and others, I'm like, will ye cop the fuck on. When I think of how grateful I would be to have my short film on even the smallest streaming service, and these guys are crying because their movies are on HBO Max or Disney+, my heart fucking bleeds. It's just egotistical bullshit, this, "The cinema experience is so different to watching at home". Yeah, it is. At home I'm not sitting in chewing gum, with a 6' 9 man sitting in front me (literally happened at Shang Chi) and some teenagers talking (or worse) in the corner. There'
  6. The Sopranos creator David Chase admits anger and frustration over prequel film streaming on HBO MAX given his frustrations with the network years ago & all, i kinda get where he's coming from here...but come on guy, we can only put so much into the "theater experience" right now, it's a fuckin pandemic man
  7. Nightmare Alley’: First Look at Guillermo del Toro’s Noir Thriller
  8. i hear hulu dropped the first 3 eps or so? haven't had a chance to watch yet but wanna hear if anyone here did!
  9. glad i didn't watch the trailer now
  10. Well yall shouldnt watch the trailer for this one haha. I know spoilers are a hot topic around here, but I truly believe that the less you know the better. All I'll say is that people will love it, or hate it. I'm definitely in the love it category. It's gory, over the top and fun as hell.
  11. alright axels, let's hear about it
  12. bro bro bro seriously seriously seriously
  13. that was the one with mark hamil doing voice yeah? the boss fights were gimmicky and it had sections of forced stealth like so many games that gen, but i had fun with it. collecting dog tags/etc to unlock comic costumes always gets me also? the 360 one based on the horrid origins movie is actually a really fun game too
  14. After what they did with Spider-Man I cannot wait to see what they do with Wolverine. I remember loving Wolverine's Revenge back on the PS2, though I'm pretty sure anything Marvel back then had me hooked.
  15. Earlier
  16. not much to go on in that teaser, but i really need more good comic games this gen - bring this on, let's do a decent superman, an invincible game, a remake of hulk ultimate destruction, all of it
  17. over/under on some reference to regressive dipshits with "red pill" usage that completely misses the point of the film? also not gonna pretend i knew the original film was something of a trans allegory at the time, but you gotta love how down keanu is with it oh! and apparently morpheus died in a cutscene in matrix online or somesuch and that shit's canon?
  18. hypppeeee also keanu being the biggest action star between this & john wick isn't something i think anyone had on their bingo cards, but here we are
  19. reviews looking good so far? i know baby driver was...polarizing but this could be cool
  20. Meh suit. But I'm excited for any new Aquaman silliness!
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