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  2. So I think alot of people saw this, coupled with Squareenix and thought it was gonna end up like the Avengers game, or be a shitty movie adaptation. But this one leans much more toward Spider-Man quality, it's really really good. Super fun to play, and I like you can tell that they kept some of the movie inspiration but still are doing their own thing here. One of the best features is the huddle. It's basically a power meter that fills, and Star Lord gives everyone a pep talk before blasting his signature music. I'm playing the shit out of it right now and it's great. No microtransaction bs, n
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  4. i'm hearing the book is coming back off hiatus...?!
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  6. Sorry, I can't hear you over A Pirate I Was Meant To Be
  7. Me watching the trailer on repeat.
  8. i can wait till march i don't have to watch this
  9. Not sure what I was expecting, but God damn that looks good!
  10. I look at John cena and can't help but see Ernest P. Worrell.
  11. I will say that I'm glad we've gotten some really interesting stuff from the ashes of Mother. So at least not everything was lost.
  12. yes i posted about it a few years ago, on this very page still sad
  13. Surprised there hasn't been more talk about James Gunn's Suicide Squad (which was fantastic). This show is shaping up pretty great too. First episode is fun!
  14. damn, i remember that thread mama robotnik made years back on the lost kain game, phew didn't know much of that about disaster, still wish we'd have gotten it. that sonic boom development though! what a goddamn nightmare good series, man - keep em comin
  15. we can't be too far off the show now!
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