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I know how IC likes to keep thread in the comic section strictly about the books, not movie or tv adaptations, but if he can always move this thread if he is so inclined. So, that said...


The WB will have series in the fall, perhaps some of you have heard of it. It's called Birds of Prey. It's about the Crime-fighting love child of Batman and Catwoman (no, seriosly, I'm not joking). Looks to be cashing in on Smallville's success, but then again, maybe that's not fair, this show looks a completely unhighschool. This is not bruce wayne at 90210. this looks like an action series. Anyone heard more about this beside whatt eh commercials tell. Any thoughts?

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Obviously you and I are the only ones who have heard about this, JMT. I've read a lot about it, and I'm not sure if I agree with some of the things that they did to some of the characters (Since when does the Huntress have super powers? Batmand and Catwoman having a love child?!) but a lot of it looks really interesting. Especially the pilot, which discusses a lot about Batman's final battle with the Joker, and why Batman left Gotham City. I think the idea of showing a Batman-less Gotham is pretty cool. Just hope the other characters are as interesting.

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