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That zombie watched him longer than his mother ever has.

Does anyone else really wish someone would offer Merle a chocolate covered pretzel?

I imagine that this is what fans of Lost felt like.

^^I feel you regarding the episode. Episodes like these I think you can really feel the absence of Frank Darabont at the helm of the show...



Things like the scene w/ Daryl and Carl, that are slightly askew ,I think he would've been able to correct. Also, the digging of an empty grave for Carol and Daryl placing the Cherokee Rose from the previous episode lose their emotional impact after pulling cheap stunts like the one this week where she's found alive. Enough main characters die on this show that we don't really need the fake-death psych-outs.




She was injured, remember. She probably couldn't have sneaked up (snuck up?) quietly.



Yeah, I agree. She was injured.


Bah. Humbug. Your excuses are weak. An injured Michonne is like an injured direwolf--both can and will still royally fuck up most anything.

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I don't know man. Did you see how pathetic she looked walkin up to the fence at the end. She's human and needs to lick her wounds before going back out on her Woodberry killing spree. She ain't dumb.

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Yeah, I hear you.

comic spoilers


If Maggie is tv's Michonne (Governorwise), they went nowhere his comic book level of sadisticness. I still have faith though, I remember reading a while back that they plan to stretch the prison arc over two seasons, so I imagine there's loads of time yet for full blown bastard.

I can see Andrea possibly siding with gov next episode, Maggie and Glen get freed, but Michonne is captured. After that she's tortured comic book style, Andrea finds out, she frees Michonne and escapes after genital mutilation.


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I see Michonne, if not everyone getting captured during the raid on the place, and that's when she gets messed up (him too!). I hope that Rick and The Governor meet face to face soon too though. The conflict needs to build between those two, besides just everyone else in the group.

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