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As many of ya mightve noticed, the good videogame websites are all going pay - Gamespot.com, IGN.com, etc. Its gettin really annoyin; at first, they just hold out movie files, then its the good headlines that are released weeks later. Gameforms.com is one of the best free ones left...

Anyway, I was given a free month at IGN Insider a few months back, and for some reason, my account never got turned off, so ive got free access to some pretty cool shit - trailers for Shinobi, Mario Sunshine, movie files of the new Zelda, etc...i just wish i had hard drive space. ???

Anyway, no reason not to share till they gimme the boot, and while i hope we dont abuse this & get noticed, im figurin its mainly just me & Spiffy that'll use this, so here goes:

Go to IGN Insider.com and login as:

TheIrishCowboy, password drunkendeities

that oughta do it, and now all their host sites (PS2, Xbox etc) will let ya look at the cool shit finally. Enjoy.

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Fuck..Chief's right. Spent a while tryin to get someone else's account but no luck yet.

Yahven, Chiefy - if you guys have any ideas as to where to go to get a username & pass for the site, pass it on (while youre at it, look into Videogames.com since theyve gone pay as well).

IGN sucks ass now that even their reviews went "insider" when they said they wouldnt do that...Ill keep trying, but for now its just "pick a member from their massive forum & try to guess his password", takes a while.

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