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The Good Girl

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Saw this one today, and it was a really cool movie, highly reccomended. It's about a really bored clerk at a department store that kind of keeps fucking up her already shitty life. It's sort of a comedy but sort of not, the bits in the department store are great and give sort of a clerks feel to em. It's really well acted, Anniston does a bang up job, she tears her perky "friends" image in half, and I've always liked John C. Reilly (Boogie nights, Magnolia), who plays her husband. Very well written too. One thing the movie does really well, is that when the main character makes a decision, it seems like the right thing to do, but then in hindsight we see that she keeps making the wrong decisions. As much as she fucks up, she doesn't seem stupid at any point. Tells a decent story about people who are "put upon" by life and how people deal with everyday boredom and stress.


It's not playing in too many places, here in Miami I caught it at Sunset Place, so it's not limited to obscure movie theaters but not everybody is showing it, so I'd catch it quick if you see it cause it'll be gone once bigger stuff comes out next week, a fine movie well worth watchin.

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I hear about his one back in May. Sounded good, and I've always had faith that Aniston had the ability to play a good role well. I haven't seen any of her other movies (Picture Perfect and the other one that came out around the same time that I'm just was just as lame). But I saw her on SNL, where, since she had no movies out, she decided to plug Fight Club by fighting one by one with every female in the cast and ended up getting pretty violent. Need less to say, it was pretty cool. Anyway, I was gonna watch this movie anyway, but with a Junker endosement attached, I'm scuffling out the door (well, maybe a few more posts first).

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Well, I drove well over 100 blocks in rush hour traffic and heavy rain. I left over an hour before the movie started and still just barely made it. I arrived a sunset place to find the parking garage closed. I had to park a block away and walk in my sandles through the rain. Why, because Junker recommended a movie. I saw this little gem yesterday (I saw it sitting in a puddle of rainwater). Great preformances. My only regret about the movies (besides the deplorable condition I went throught to get there) was that it biult up a lot of momentum with the main characters problems coming back to haunt her and the move didn't really take full advantage of the momentum to really bring her life to the brink of disaster. But I'm nit-picking. Good Flick!

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