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Foods I don't like...

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*shrugs* There are people (myself included) that just can't stand it. Had some spaghetti the other day that had some in it, and I just couldn't finish it. I was told there was only a little in it, but I could smell it from a ways away and could taste it in every bite. *shudders*

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Post things you con't like/can't stand to eat, or are allergic to here. Here's a few to get it started:


Tomatoes- I can't stand biting into one, whether sliced, whole, or diced. Sauce is fine, soup ok in small amounts when combined with grilled cheese sandwiches.


Mushrooms- I don't like these by themselves. I've had fried and/or stuffed ones that were ok, though. Can't stand them on pizza (or any other members of the plant kingdom for that matter. Sauce, cheese, and peperoni only, please).



I effin' hate tomatoes...the texture is disgusting...the damn thing looks like it's dying when you slice them open! I can deal with it in homemade salsa with onions, lemon, cilantro, and other goodies with some spice and some on Pizza is ok. The only time I am thankful for tomato sauce is when I make spaghetti...and the next night, you fry the spaghetti in a pan with some butter (I'm talking refrigerated left overs here)...the noodles get crispy and oh so delicious...tried it with white sauce...just isn't the same.


Okra and B-Sprouts are the devil.


Oh I would love to go to one of his restaurants, especially hells kitchen! I have never tried rissotto and I really want to!


But as far as foods I don't like: mangos.



I'm not big on mango slices...but Mango Sorbet...that's where it's at.

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I found something I don't like: Plain Greek Yogurt. I dig it with honey or vanilla or whatever, but they put the plain in this deceptive blue container and I think it's berries or some shit. It's like the 3rd time I've accidentally grabbed it while randomly throwing things in my grocery cart.


Plain greek yogurt can suck my dick. It tastes like a yeast infection.


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Yeah, see, you know what I'm sayin' then. I took a bite, went f95Ma.jpg and slammed it right into the fucking trash, where it belongs.


Godawful stuff. It reminded me all too clearly of what yogurt actually is. I didn't even want one of the good ones after that, my head was associating the texture with that solid layer that's on top of rotten milk.


Fuck you, Plain greek yogurt! You are now my nemesis. You need to come in a plain container or be in a section for cooking or come with a warning label or something. Better yet, you just shouldn't exist.

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Are you kidding me? I could eat cilantro on anything and be happy! I like to make a salad that has almost as much cilantro in it as lettuce. Yum!


YES! this!!! My husband HATES cilantro, i don't even understand...does not compute....and so on.

but plain yogurt is fucking sick. i can get behind that. IT TASTES LIKE SEMEN only worse. as most dairy products. yeah. swallow. that.

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I eat greek yogurt all the time because of its protein content. What I do is sprinkle a packet of Crystal Light into it to give it flavor and bada-bing! My fave is fruit punch...


You can also use it as a low-fat version of savory dips (i.e. ranch dip, french onion dip). In cooking, you would use it to substitute sour cream...I guess its an acquired taste.

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I hate fondant. It ruins perfectly tasty cake.


Agreed. I think it tastes like Play-Doh...


Yes, I know what Play-Doh tastes like...I also know what paste tastes like and deodorant...I was a curious child--sue me!

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Yeah, but I don't think that counts. It's an intrinsic problem with the way they freeze dry their pasta or something. There's a consistency problem. It's...mushy. It would be like saying I don't like tacos because I don't like them at Jack In The Box (which is totally untrue, I love those fried, taco-shaped...things).

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