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Attention Senate Members

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's a good idea, KOS, although now Yahven's gonna change the # to make Senate since its public, he hates that..

Senate pic could be cool tho, Ill run it by Yahven this weekend - lemme know if ya see any good pics to use tho.

PS Jax aint you Puerto Rican?

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now Yahven's gonna change the # to make Senate since its public, he hates that..


You could be further than you think SoF! :D


I'm trying to get one (icon) made up for myself, as soon as I've one I'm happy with it'll be up.

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If what you say is true that is a load of shite.

Nobody said it wasn't. It is bullshit. I mean what is the Senate supposed to be an elite group of only a certain number of individuals? As soon as more start qualifing they raise the goal higher and higher? I'm not afraid cause the only way they can keep me out is by raising the number so high that only IC is in, but it's still bullshit. Fight the power, SoF! Don't let the man keep you down!

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Ok, well I finally got together a custom icon, if you can't figure what it is, it's supposed to be a (samurai) sword as it's being unsheathed, it's to go with my choice of 'Senate - Ronin'. They'd normally click out their swords from the sheath a little to show they were ready to draw, you get the samurai equivalent of the face off before a quick-draw in the Old West. I'd like to get something better but I'm low on ideas at the moment...



As far as I can tell, it should be easy enough to change your icon, the profile change to 'The Senate - whatever' should target your icon by file-name so all that'd need doing would be to replace the file (e.g. www.drunkendeities.com/pantheon/html/team_icons/MLBpip.gif which is the current one we're using - simply replace the MLBpip.gif in the icons file with the new one, as long as the new one's the right size there shouldn't be a problem), HOWEVER it shouldn't get out of hand with swapping icons, and if possible not at all.


But anyway, as I say, I believe it's quite easy to change at a later time...so are we ready to set this up? Do you (senate members) want to start off with:


MLB: MLBhazicon.gifMLBhazicon.gifMLBhazicon.gif (sized a little different from the original and made transparent)


JMT: JMTcowicon.gifJMTcowicon.gif or staricon.gifstaricon.gif


Junker: JunkerScamicon.gifJunkerScamicon.gifJunkerScamicon.gif (if even for the time being?)


SuperE: martiniicon.gifmartiniicon.gifmartiniicon.gif (till you get one you want? - sized as icon)


And myself: Sheathicon.gifSheathicon.gifSheathicon.gif


IC: We good to go?

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KOS - yeah, right now the images aint comin through but the idea's solid, man. I just dont want the .gif's to be somethin i change every week on Jax whim or somethin.

Like i said, im waitin to get connected to my friend's DSL here so i can work from my computer (where the files are) and such, soon as im set up ill get it goin. Ill check back here tomorrow to see if those images load, wanna get a look at them katanas. Good job on pickin the coolest Senate title so far, too.

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