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Greatest Weird Al Yankovic Song

Reverend Jax


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Some of you could possibly never have heard of Weird Al (blasphemy!). Others might have only heard one or two of his songs (blasphemy!). Some might be surprise to know that he's still around and is working on his new (11th) album (blasphemy!). I have created this poll, and believe me, as a fan of all his stuff, including unreleased material, it was tough reducing his body of work, spanning 23 years of consistantly outstanding music to just ten choices. About half of his songs are originals (non-parodies), but it's obvious that his popular material weights heavily in the parody department. That's why this poll is all parody. It killed me to not include 'Albuquerque', my favorite Weird Al song. I was also pained to have to exclude classics like 'King Of Suede', 'Yoda', 'Dare to Be Stupid', 'I Love Rocky Road', 'One More Minute', 'Living With A Hernia', 'Lasagna', Ricky', 'Addicted To Spuds', 'I Lost On Jeopardy', 'I Can't Watch This', 'The White Stuff', 'Jurassic Park', 'Achy Breaky Song', 'Livin' In The Fridge', 'You Don't Love Me Anymore', 'Christmas At Ground Zero', 'Cavity Search', 'Syndicated Inc.', 'Phony Calls', 'The Night Santa Went Crazy', 'Pretty Fly For A Rabbi', 'Jerry Springer', 'Germs', and 'Grapefruit Diet'. But hey, that's life.

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