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I Need Help With My Technical Difficulty!


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I just need some quick help on what I need to do. I just bought GTA3 on my PC and it installed just fine, but when I try to load it it came up with the message "This game requires at least 12mb of video memory to run".


What the hell does that mean? I only have two other games installed and my PC is a very nice modern machine with a buttload of features. Help me, I love this game! :(

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::trying hard not to sound belittling while saying this:: Why don't you check and see if your video card has 12MB of video memory? Video memory is like RAM, not like hard drive space. Doesn't matter how many games you game installed, you either got enough, or you don't. If you claim your machine is decent and you don't have at least 12MB, I'll bet you have only 8MB. If you actually do have enough video memory (most video cards nowadays should have 16 or 32MB), they I don't know what the problem is, but I would suggest running it from DOS instead of Windows.

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You may need to configure your video card or get a driver for it.


When I first got my PC a friend loaned me Half-life, later I was telling him the graphics were cool, just a shame it pixellated when you went close to a surface....to which he asked 'is your video card even working?!' So it could be your vid card isn't set up right...

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