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Greatest Song Of Rock N' Roll

Reverend Jax


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After thinking a while I have come up with these 10 (11) songs. These are the songs that I feel, are most often considered the greatest song of classic rock. These are the ones that always come up near the top of lists that radio stations come up with, or whatever. This is a poll to vote for which of these would be most worthy of that title.


In making this list, I considered, but had to leave out Imagine, Hotel California, Highway to Hell, My Generation, Born To Be Wild, Sunshine of Your Love, Layla, Good Vibrations, Walk This Way, Wild Thing, Brown-Eyed Girl, Heartbreak Hotel, Aqualung, Iron Man and Louie Louie.


Feel free to post below which song you voted for, why you voted for it, and why I'm such a tool for picking the songs for this poll that I did. Let me demonstrate:


I voted for Bohemian Rhapsody because that song is pure brilliance the kind of which never gets old, and JMT is a tool for not including Louie Louie on the poll, which I would have voted for if it had been available.

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I must say I'm not a fan of older rock but I do like a lot of those songs. Voted for Bohemian Rhapsody, it's just my favorite of the choices, I might have been tempted by Hotel California but I think you've probably picked the right ten for the poll.


By the way you didn't vote JMT, mine's the only one there...

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