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Brody VS Banky


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I've chosen to leave Azrael out of this fight, seeing as he has the powers of a muse and an eternity's worth of universe unmaking rage pent up. No, let's leave this fight to the wacky comic-loving wise-cracking (closet-gay?) sidekicks. So, which sidekick would sidekick the other sidekick out the side of their head? All out brawl between Brody and Banky... ::in omnious Mortal Kombat announcer voice:: FIGHT!!!

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I'm assuming Shannon is Affleck's character in Mallrats. Yes, that's an obvious choice. Jay vs Silent bob is good too. Dante vs Randall is up there. How about Holden vs Jeremy London's character (sorry, I haven't seen Mallrats in so long, the only reason I know Brodie's name is because of J&SBSB). How about veronica vs katlin (sp?) Now that sounds like a top notch cat fight to me! I'm posting that one now!

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