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New Transmetropolitan Coming This November!


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For those who haven't discovered this wonder of the comic world, Transmetropolitan follows a rogue journalist named Spider Jerusalem in his quest to spread the truth at the world opposed by the police, organised religion and the President of the United States.


The new one out in November in called something like 'Thrashing Spider' and I am led to believe it may be the penultimate one (correct me if I'm wrong IC).


Start reading immediately, my journalistic gonads say so! :sly:

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? Hmm yeah might be a trade...issue 60 (finale, like KOS said) comes out Sep 18th im told, lookin to go out with a bang for those of y a whove kept up so far...ill put this thread on top, as bacchus, Junker & Yahven have now read the series up to its current issue due to my year and a half search for the missing issues.

Seriously, when this one's all done up in trades, you folks should grab it, and jot just 'cause its gonna be a movie, but i still think its the best book Vertigo puts out there.

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