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Heh.. Work so killed this thread. Oh well.


Considering all the injuries that happened during the season:


09/28/2010 Jarrod Saltalamacchia Day-to-Day Torn ligament, left thumb

09/24/2010 Mike Lowell Day-to-Day Left game - Head injury

09/19/2010 Adrian Beltre Day-to-Day Sprained left wrist

09/15/2010 J.D. Drew Day-to-Day Sore ankle

09/06/2010 Marco Scutaro Day-to-Day Sore right shoulder

08/19/2010 Dustin Pedroia 15-Day DL Left foot surgery - out for season

08/16/2010 Jarrod Saltalamacchia 15-Day DL Lower left leg infection

08/16/2010 Eric Patterson 15-Day DL Neck strain

08/14/2010 Jacoby Ellsbury 60-Day DL Reaggravated fractured ribs, left side

08/13/2010 Jacoby Ellsbury Day-to-Day Left game - left side soreness

08/09/2010 Kevin Cash 15-Day DL Strained hamstring

08/06/2010 Hideki Okajima 15-Day DL Strained right hamstring

08/04/2010 Jon Lester Day-to-Day Left game - left hamstring cramp

08/03/2010 Kevin Youkilis 60-Day DL Muscle tear, right thumb- out for season

08/02/2010 Kevin Youkilis Day-to-Day Left game - jammed right thumb

07/31/2010 Mike Cameron 60-Day DL Lower abdominal surgery - out for season

07/27/2010 J.D. Drew Day-to-Day Left hamstring tightness

07/12/2010 Adrian Beltre Day-to-Day Strained left hamstring

07/06/2010 Kevin Youkilis Day-to-Day Left game - right ankle injury

07/01/2010 Manny Delcarmen 15-Day DL Right forearm strain

07/01/2010 Jason Varitek 15-Day DL Broken left foot - out 6-8 weeks

06/30/2010 J.D. Drew Day-to-Day Stiff neck

06/28/2010 Victor Martinez 15-Day DL Fractured left thumb

06/27/2010 Clay Buchholz 15-Day DL Strained left hamstring

06/26/2010 Clay Buchholz Day-to-Day Left hamstring strain

06/26/2010 Dustin Pedroia 15-Day DL Broken left foot

06/23/2010 Mike Lowell 15-Day DL Strained right hip

06/18/2010 J.D. Drew Day-to-Day Strained right hamstring

06/10/2010 Kevin Youkilis Day-to-Day Left game - back spasms

06/10/2010 Jeremy Hermida 15-Day DL Fractured ribs

06/08/2010 Daisuke Matsuzaka 15-Day DL Right forearm strain

06/01/2010 Felipe Lopez Day-to-Day Left game - bruised right hand

05/28/2010 Jacoby Ellsbury 15-Day DL Fractured ribs

05/24/2010 Victor Martinez Day-to-Day Left game - foot injury

05/19/2010 Josh Beckett 60-Day DL Lower back strain

05/18/2010 J.D. Drew Day-to-Day Left game - Sore hamstring

05/11/2010 Josh Beckett Day-to-Day Back spasms

05/10/2010 J.D. Drew Day-to-Day Vertigo

04/19/2010 Mike Cameron 15-Day DL Kidney stones/abdominal strain

04/15/2010 Mike Cameron Day-to-Day Kidney stones

04/12/2010 Jacoby Ellsbury 15-Day DL Left chest contusion

04/11/2010 J.D. Drew Day-to-Day Stiff neck

04/04/2010 Daisuke Matsuzaka 15-Day DL Neck strain

04/03/2010 Junichi Tazawa 60-Day DL Right elbow surgery - out for season

04/01/2010 Junichi Tazawa Day-to-Day Right elbow surgery - out for season

03/26/2010 Boof Bonser 15-Day DL Right groin strain

03/26/2010 Jed Lowrie 60-Day DL Mononucleosis

03/23/2010 Dustin Pedroia Day-to-Day Sprained wrist



Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/baseball/mlb/teams/boston-red-sox/injuries.html#ixzz13JGW6Qci


I'd say the Red Sox did really well, and I'm happy with their final 89-73 record. They went through more players from the AAA and AA teams than I can ever remember...


In the end, they robbed the Skankees of the AL East title, making me proud. :)


So here's a song dedicated to the Yankees who uh just lost the ALCS ending the season with sweet jack nothing. (This should happen to them every season)



So the Rangers beat the Evil Empire, sending Derek Jeter into the comforting steroid inflated arms of A-fraud. The Giants beat the Phillies, and now we're down to the World Series. A good, honest, fun World Series with two worthy competing teams. I think it's time for a poll...

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next season, boys! :love: really is a shame how they're the only team using steroids in MLB... :yup:


damn, lotta injuries indeed. wait, so its the Rangers vs the Giants? eh...i don't really have a dog in that fight, tend to root for the national league though, so uh, go Giants.

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those look like some hip dudes. "you want problems? fuggedaboutit" on the other hand...



you know who really sucks, though? the Padres. every game i went to in Atlanta as a kid - when the Braves got their badass lineup back then - they'd still manage to lose to that nothing team, like it was rigged or something. fucking padres.

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MLB to experiment with new extra inning rules in minor leagues this coming season


Major League Baseball plans on testing a rule change in the lowest levels of the minor leagues this season that automatically would place a runner on second base at the start of extra innings, a distinct break from the game’s orthodoxy that nonetheless has wide-ranging support at the highest levels of the league, sources familiar with the plan told Yahoo Sports.


A derivation of the rule has been used in international baseball for nearly a decade and will be implemented in the World Baseball Classic this spring. MLB’s desire to test it in the rookie-level Gulf Coast League and Arizona League this summer is part of an effort to understand its wide in-game consequences – and whether its implementation at higher levels, and even the major leagues, may be warranted.


“Let’s see what it looks like,” said Joe Torre, the longtime major league manager who’s now MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer and a strong proponent of the testing. “It’s not fun to watch when you go through your whole pitching staff and wind up bringing a utility infielder in to pitch. As much as it’s nice to talk about being at an 18-inning game, it takes time.


While the specifics of the rule are not final, the current plan is to start with a runner on second base in the 10th and every inning thereafter. As baseball grapples with ways to increase action in a game with a record-low rate of balls in play, changing its extra-innings rules emerged as a solution with multiple potential benefits.


In addition to the increase in action a forced runner would create, so too would a philosophical element enter the game: to bunt or not to bunt. The other advantages are not quite as Shakespearean but certainly pragmatic. Amid concern about fatigue and travel, the presumption of shorter games with the new rules could save players from the rigors of extra-innings affairs that slog into the night. Further, the taxation on young arms – especially those in the minor leagues – would be mitigated.


“What really initiated it is sitting in the dugout in the 15th inning and realizing everybody is going to the plate trying to hit a home run and everyone is trying to end the game themselves,” Torre said. “I don’t know what inning is the right inning. Maybe the 11th or 12th inning. But there are a number of reasons.”


The minor leagues are typically MLB’s testing ground for potential rule changes, and as commissioner Rob Manfred focuses on pace-of-play issues, the prospect of extra innings with more action is appealing. The possibility of playing under different rules in extra innings – both the NFL and NHL do so in their overtime periods – is real enough that MLB sought feedback from both its playing rules and competition committees this offseason, according to sources.


Even if it is a success, it would likely take years for the major leagues to adopt the changes. The strategy of implementing rules in the minor leagues, which MLB can do without the players’ approval, is canny: Once those players graduate to the major leagues, their familiarity with them – such as a pitch clock, which currently is in place in the minors – would allow easier adoption.


...does this strike anyone as a good idea?

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