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To finish up October this past weekend NZA and I watched The (actual) Shining (one of my all time favorites!), finished off Insidious 3 and Event Horizon! I am loving the idea of themed movies based o

Fight Club.   Without spoiling nothing - it's about your regular 'modern' everyday shlub, who's 'house burns down' along w/ all his belongings...and how he copes w/ 'losing everything'.

I'm doing 'The Honeymooners' (1955)




One of the very first sitcoms - it's about a loving couple who live in a tiny apartment, living paycheck to paycheck. The hard-working, bus-driving, schlub of a husband usually gets himself into highjinks w/ his 'simpleton' neighbor, in various 'SITuational' (nyuk, nyuk)...'COMedic' (nyuk, nyuk) episodes. Ranging from, trying to ditch their wives to go fishing - to get-rich-quick schemes...hoping to provide their deserving housewives w/ better lives.




It's the template for 'The Flintstones' and 'King of Queens' (KoQ is my second favorite live-action sitcom after Seinfeld)


I'm such a damn sucker for 'restorations' of ancient 'neglected' stuff. Jackie Gleason kept all the original negatives (the episodes were all shot on film) in his personal vault - he was the brains behind the show, aaall the way down to wardrobe.




CBS took the original negatives and did a sick, respectful 're-scan' and 'clean up'. On blu, it looks like it was shot yesterday, it is so damn vivid and clear.


'The Honeymooners' only ran for 39 episodes - but the show really set the foundation for 'the format'. It was shot live - Jackie reportedly didn't like to rehearse (but they did rehearse) - their performance bounced off the audience and moments where they flub their lines are part of the charm. Retakes were minimal. On blu - it really feels like you're in the audience watching live, old-ass theater. Tv wasn't 'tv', yet.








Fun Fact: The dude I use to embalm w/ was the dude who embalmed Jackie Gleason. happy.png




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Binging on 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'.




I don't even know how to describe the show - LOL!


A meatball, a milk shake and a box of fries live together in a house and they are regularly involved in outlandish situations / highjinks. From the early-early era of 'Adult Swim' - like, Space Ghost Coast to Coast - they kinda give the voice-actors a basic plot-outline and they kinda riff / adlib...and that's what they animate.


Episodes are like, 5-minute bursts of just...random...'stream of consciousness' nonsense-plots...it's really the great voice-acting / riffing the 'actors' do - that make the show. Plus, the medium of animation allows said 'random, nonsense-plots' to have sum pretty 'out there' visuals...re: characters n' scenarios - albeit crude n' limited...it's done w/ the, at the time, budding 'Flash Animation Computer Program'. Greatness can be done in Flash - but they shot for 'limited animation'...in the vein of 60s Hanna-Barbara, but they mix in sum modern flare - definitely has a charm.


Nice background cartoon fodder.



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^ Worth checkin' out for a laugh. It ain't 'awesome' but, it kinda is. LOL - it's like, a giant ATHF special. Just a long episode.


Doin' 2005s 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. Been checkin' out a lot of 'Henson Puppet Shop' stuff today. Forgot they worked on this one, too.





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Doin' a classic:


1994's Clerks.



A movie that takes place entirely during a 'not-so' typical work-shift of a couple of 'not-so' typical store clerks...dealing w/ their lot in life...as clerks. An impressive, charming, indie dark comedy. Absolutely love this film. 'Top-10'. If you haven't seen this - you should get on that.


(Warning: Potentially 'highly offensive' content in clip...LOL)



I'm still traumatized by my 'encounter' w/ Dante. It's infected my viewing-experience. I don't know what's real anymore...


EDIT: Just realized 'Walt' is buying window cleaner and paper towels. Fucking. Brilliant.

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I'm watching the 1985 tv series - ROBOTECH




My anime xp is extremely low - but I've always wanted to get into like, good 80s anime. I just don't know what's good.


I saw this on Netflix, and I remember bishopcruz mentioning this show in a conversation we had. Gave it a click - and now I'm 4 episodes in - pretty damn cool. Really liking it. Super 80s.


It's about a gigantic alien spacecraft crashing on Earth - and a unified, peaceful Earth get together to fix and reverse-engineer the technology. A decade later, they finish - and the result is access to this alien tech and fighter jets that can transform into 'robots', called 'Robotech'. Hostile aliens then show up to recover the giant crashed ship - and a 'war' ensues - Earth vs Aliens.


The lead character totally reminds me of 'Speed' from Speed Racer - from ascot down to a cheesy voice dub. LOL - it's awesome. Unlike Speed Racer, tho - the animation can get crazy-awesome and it feels a bit more 'adult' - in regard to 'danger' intensity.


Really liking it.


I remember playing a 'Robotech' game, back in the day (I think PS1?) - it's weird 'cuz as I'm watching, I'm remembering sum elements...but from a video game, from waaay in the day. (Think I played that game a lot - think it was a 'vs fighter'?) I'm sure when I'm done - I gonna look more into 80s anime tv shows.

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Started my morning w/ Mr. Sardonicus (1961)



I also did Phantasm, Halloween (Jamie Lee) and both 1958's and 1988's 'The Blob'...



Right now, I'm doing 'Ash vs Evil Dead' Season 1 - I want to be watching Season 2, but $35...?  LOL - hold up, now.  Anybody else doing any 'Halloween movie marathons'?

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^ (btw, Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 is up right now on Netflix)


Right now, I'm doing:



Much to my surprise - the show has been given an HD remaster!  The show was shot entirely on film and in widescreen!  They re-scanned all the negatives and it looks great...none of that cropping of the image to make it 'look' widescreen.




Pre-tty cooool.



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I'm watching Galavant, and it's one of the funniest shows I've watched in awhile. 


I really wish I had watched it when itfirst came out and that it had more than 2 seasons. It's fun as hell.


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Shows I'm currently watching:

Gentleman Jack - S1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S6

Agents of SHIELD - S6

Orville - S2

Losers - S1

Single Parents - S1

Twilight Zone [2019] 


Shows next in line in the queue to start:

Star Trek Discovery - S2

Cloak & Dagger - S2


Tick - S2

Wentworth (My friend has been on me to start this one for forever. Gonna try to give it a try this summer.)

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I'm started watching Chernobyl last night at about 9.30pm my time with the intention of being in bed and asleep by 11pm.


At 12:30am, I was still awake watching the credits of the third (and most recent) episode of Chernobyl.


I cannot recommend it enough.


In terms of other stuff I'm actively watching:

Easy S3

RuPaul's Drag Race S11 (and by association, Untucked S11)

Have 1 episode left of Barry S2 to watch


Am at a bit of a loose end as Bobs Burgers and B99 wrapped for the season and Broad City wrapped for good.

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@The NZA and I have been watching Parks and Rec while we eat dinner most nights. I’ve seen it but it’s his first time! I forgot how much I love this show. It’s not always full of belly laughs but it’s just so...pleasant. And Leslie is such an awesome character, I love re-watching her story. He doesn’t know anyone who joins the show in later seasons so I’m excited to see him experience certain characters! 


On my own, I binged Dead to Me and loved it even though the story is like soap opera ludicrous. It’s just awesome to see Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini doing good work again!


I tried watching The Society because the premise was so interesting (and felt Twilight Zone-y) but I gave up after two episodes. I just didn’t care much about the characters. 


I need some good summer binge shows!


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