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This reminds me, has Jay seen this season's ASS BURGERS episode yet? It's definitely going to be screened @ HCONII.  

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^That is both hilarious and frightening because 20 years. Damn. I remember trying to DL "The Spirit of Christmas" on Kazaa (or was it eDonkey? Napster wasn't doing vid files in '98, were they?) online back in the day. Speaking of nostalgia, here is the full SDCC 2016 Panel. Trey Parker makes a good point about Pokemon Go vs Chimpokemon around 17:05.


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Finally binged the last half of S19 and it was great. The return of Jimmy and Nathan as his foil was also perfectly done. (Classie!) Great nod to Ex-Machina in the end with Jimmy and Leslie, too. And I love how they're worked in an overarching storyline throughout the entire season, which it looks like they plan on doing with S20, too. Speaking of which, JJ Abrams' new national anthem was genius. Also, member Chewbacca again? Memberrrr.

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I finished the last season a few days ago. I recently discovered you can just watch new episodes directly on southpark.com Sweeeeet. I'd normally just wait till the season hits DVD.


I didn't like the season-long story / theme thing they went w/ last season. I guess this is the new South Park format. It's perfectly suited for today's binge-approach to tv-watching. I still prefer the 'self-contained stories' format - but the times are-a-changing. It's still South Park and that's great. Keep 'em coming.




Pretty sure South Park has proven itself a very long time ago it's not just toilet humor. I think that's Family Guy.

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R&M is pretty clever, and does some fun simplifying of otherwise complicated philosophical/sci fi type concepts


i guess this comes down to how you define "smart", because again i dig trey & parker's take on things (because no, that's not "calling it what it is", its a soapbox for their views a lotta times) but even consistent satire doesn't outrank every other genre of storytelling as "smartest", for me

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