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Saw this one earlier today to kill time, I was pretty dissapointed... Blood work is about Terry Mcaleb, an FBI agent who retires after he suffers a heart attack while chasing a suspect. He gets a new heart in a transplant, and 2 years after Mccaleb retires, the sister of the woman whom the heart belonged to wants a favor. Mcaleb agrees to find the killer of the woman who gave him the heart. Good premise, I thought, but other than that it's an extremely formulaic, fairly boring detective movie that you've seen a thousand times over. I guess you could compare it to stuff like Insomnia and The score, but while those two at least did what they do well (particularly insomnia), Blood Work just kind of stagnates. The plot is cookie cutter. I could predict the plot as if I had blue prints to it. "Heres the red herring, and there's the guy you'd never expect did it, oh, and here's the inevitable shootout!" Oh, and while I love the guy's stand up comedy normally; in this movie, Paul Rodriguez creates what's probably the most annoying, uneccesary, and forced comic releif character in the history of film. I wanted to throw shit at him whenever he was onscreen. It's a shame, because they could have done a lot with the heart idea, and the declining health of the protagonist, but instead we get a movie that people will be flipping past on TV for years to come. I'd love to see what IC thinks about it if he ever sees it. I know very little about Clint's other movies, but I'd bet their fuckin better, that's for damned sure.

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Eh...not catchin many movies over this way...

Thought this one left theatres, havent heard much bout it, but what lil i caught wasnt good. 's a shame, as i dont know how many years Clint has left to act, despite all the projects he wants to take on.

He's got his bad days tho, dont get me wrong. There were like 3 or 4 sequels to Dirty Harry, dont remember caring for many of em.

Onto the Netflix list this one goes, ill get back to this thread in a few months.

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