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Haven't had time to do my own so here's my brothers contribution to the cinematic arts:


Go watch my new flash movie.  




And once you've bathed in my magnificence make your own attempts at filmic bliss using the fancy technology on the site and post it here! Or you'll never eat lunch in this town again!


I'll try one tomorrow... :D

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Ok, here's a couple:


Breaking Gibson, if you don't know Bill Hicks's bit about Debbie Gibson you may be lost...



This was supposed to be called Wallace + Wayne =, but for some reason the title lost the '+'? It's a 'tribute' to a certain admin's stubbornness!




JMT, I'm not sure where he got 'big carrot' from, I know I've heard some city being called that but I can't find which one?


IC, if you don't get all Jont's shit, at least that means you're sane, I unfortunately don't have that luxury!



Now c'mon, make your own and post em up!!

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Hahaha....Yer damn right, Howdy Howdy Howdy!

That was fuckin cool, KOS. Art like that inspires me to admit the eror of my ways: Wallace himself wasnt Irish, there i said it! Even so, the Braveheart spirit's a good respresentation....howdy howdy howdy.....

Ok, 1st thing when im setup (hopefully not too far off) im makin one of those movies, that shit was cool!

...damn Yankess... :D

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Tsk, tsk! At least two aspiring directors I know of and not one movie made, here's a few from Preachers:


From Hapexamendios:

http://mm.dfilm.com/mm2s/mm_route.php?id=314900 I think I read the manga of this somewhere?


And two from the prodigal Da Judge:

http://mm.dfilm.com/mm2s/mm_route.php?id=316806 which even I don't get, and

http://mm.dfilm.com/mm2s/mm_route.php?id=316781 What can I say to this one, I'm speechless!



Sorry about the abusive last 'request', I was a tad drunken, but c'mon, someone!

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SOF - Nice ones, keep em comin!


OK, aside from wantin to see the Ellis ones KOS is holding out, i thought it was high time some of ya saw what its like spendin a day as the cowboy, this kinda thing happens all the time...


The Irish Cowboy's directoral debut - On the Irish in Texas


Its a short film, but it says so much.

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:: a heavy Blizzard sends waves of snow across the planes of the damned and Diablo pulls his cloak tighter to keep out the draft. Iritated, he glances up at the ceiling above ::


What in heaven are they Doing up there! Its fucking freezing down here! Hell isn't supposed to Freeze over damnit!



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OK... That was good, heh.


I think I have X-Wing Alliance, that was the 2 disc one with the trader brothers storyline? where you start off flying the YT-1500?


Yeah I've got DSL now so I'm game for a few missions. Whens Good for you for some matchups?


:: Pulls on his flight gloves and goes off to find his R2 unit ::

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