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so now that everyone has seen my awesome backlog (and surely started their own), i was thinking: once i do finish off those games in queue, which games do i look forward to replaying?


now, 2-D SNES ones, ive habitually replayed off & on for years: FF VI ive beaten like 3x (IV at least 5x), same with Chrono Trigger and closer to 10x for Super Metroid and Contra III (infinite # for Strider). the modern equivalents of these'd be Katamari Damacy, Rez, etc; stuff i lose count replaying. due to the genre finally gaining popularity about a decade ago, there's fewer J-RPGs i return to, though both Lunar, Suikoden 1 and Earthbound have been beaten silly. anyway, onward.


Resident Evil 4 - playing 5 really made me wanna go back and do this one again, which is impressive given that i beat Silent Bob's copy, then beat it again just to get the chicago typewriter. its one of the only games that goes on longer than you expect, and you're grateful for it. just so good, even if it ditched much of the horror elements. Found a $10 copy for Gamecube just to do this.


Metal Gear Solid 3 - same as previous; 4 made me miss this one, bad. i beat it right after fire academy in 2005 when i met kertins, so i tend to associate the game with her, oddly. Was debating trying for Big Boss medal, but the requirements are insane. still, i can now play Subsistence and have first-person view/more camo & such.


Shenmue II - yeah, almost 10 years later, im starting to accept this might be it. still, importing the euro edition for subs was the best move i made at the time, and this was the last game i beat before moving to texas...such a memorable adventure, and like part 1, there's likely all kinds of shit i missed by not being at certain places at the right time, too.


Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - tried this one again last year, was kinda sad that while new game+ lets you understand Hylian, you have to play as Link in pajamas...wtf? anyway, at this point ill likely hold off till my PC can emulate it in widescreen/HD, as it looks glorious.


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - i dont know that this has aged well, honestly, but i do have the Master Quest disc now, so there's that. if i topped Majora's Mask, no way this can be that hard.


Final Fantasy IX - as Mal pointed out, i remember scarcely little about this game, past liking it. might do so on PSP once Vagrant Story finally gets completed.


Suikoden 2 - ...its just been too long since a JRPG stomped on my heart.


Nier - might do this one soon, since its fast on new game+...i really wanna see the other endings.


Shadow of the Colossus - Really just waiting to see if the faint rumors of a Team ICO PS3 disc with HD graphics + trophies pans out. same with Silent Hill 2.



mebbe some more RPGs (i should prolly see another ending in Chrono Cross..) & adventure titles, prolly Suda stuff like No More Heroes and Killer 7 (

mebbe Killer 8 now!

), who knows...what about you?

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I think FFIX has become my favorite in the series. Prolly since it was the first Final Fantasy I played. Alot of games Ive been replaying are both of The Suffering games, Dead Space for like the 3rd time, Final Fantasy X. Actually just finished Majora's Mask. Forgot how fun that game is. Been back into GTA4 as well. I know I could think of more, but those are the main ones.

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i recall the last dungeon or two of Majora's Mask being no joke, so props man.


and yeah, i just replayed Dead Space like a month or two back, that game's so good. was worth the 2nd playthrough for surround sound & plasma dark levels alone.

Senshik enjoyed what she played of the Suffering (I think it was Ties that Bind?) but it looked generic to me...you dug the series, though? is it hack & slash mostly or does it do psych horror later?

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Any of the Grand Theft Auto 3 saga (Except Vice City Stories, fuck that shit) fills the criteria. Though I think I'll give San Andreas a few years, between supply lines, getting all golds on the airplane training so I could have my very own Hunter chopper, and all those fucking street races I think I need to let the wounds heal a bit before going through all that again.

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Senshik enjoyed what she played of the Suffering (I think it was Ties that Bind?) but it looked generic to me...you dug the series, though? is it hack & slash mostly or does it do psych horror later?


oh its definitely more action oriented, but it does a good job of doing the horror part. gameplay wise its nothing special, but its not the worst for sure. Ties that bind's story was way above the first for sure. the story was the main reason I played. plus the monsters are just really cool.

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Final Fantasy 4.... This one will always and forever hold a place in my heart, along with being the first of the greatest trio of FF's. I better jrpg might never be made(I've have played and beating every version of this game and except for the ds one mulitple times.)

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Killer7 - This was one of capcoms best sleeper hits (along with God Hand). Replaying the 2nd level and I LOVE the scene where a chef shoots MASK out of panic and MASK de Smith headbutts the bullet out of mid-air then grenades the HeavenSmile behind the chef.


Darksiders - I started this months ago and then sat it down and just flat out forgot about it. Which isn't to say I don't like it, I love the Legacy of Kain style gameplay and Joe Mad's art style. A Battle Chasers game (RPG would suit it best) would own.


Props to Axl for mentioning The Suffering. That's still one of my all time favorite horror games and the first one to freak me out. (playing at night, no lights during a wind storm)

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Props to Axl for mentioning The Suffering. That's still one of my all time favorite horror games and the first one to freak me out. (playing at night, no lights during a wind storm)


Yes! Mainliner shrieks are one of the most hideous noises in the game :ohface:



Not a replay at all, but one I just have never played is Chrono Cross. Just started it and it is so fun. Unless it already exists, a "here's a list of games I am playing for the first time and should be kicked in the head for not playing them sooner" thread should be made. Chrono Trigger is a part of that list also.



Ive also been working my way through Saints Row 2 again. Mainly just getting on and redecorating my character to look as ridiculous/much like a famous character I can cause it's funny to watch Hugh Jackman throw people in the river. Of course he is in :2T: threads cause I like to think that he has gone crazy and become Wolverine. :p

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oh my god, went to make a topic like this again...glad search works now!  looking back & gonna edit in new comments


On 6/1/2010 at 12:07 AM, The NZA said:

Resident Evil 4 - i totally replayed this one a few years back.  bought it yet again on PS4 for $10.  i have a problem. 


Metal Gear Solid 3 - yeah, i just saw i can do a platinum run in this one for the PS3 HD version so that's on the list too. 


Shenmue II - still waiting on that HD rerelease :crazy:


Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - got halfway through the WU re-release...maybe another time! 


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - beat in on 3DS re-release, might to back for Master Quest some day


Final Fantasy IX - haven't touched this one since i beat it at launch, damn


Suikoden 2 - still high on my list here! 


Shadow of the Colossus - fucksake, they're rereleasing this one AGAIN soon


adding some others:


Skies of Arcadia - it's been since the dreamcast era, and i'd been sitting on this gamecube port! 


Lunar 2 - honestly not sure which format here; PSX is good, Sega-CD is better but i'd honestly wanna sort out that un-Working Designs patch so it'd not be brutal again. 


Mother 3 - i have a repro GBA cart with tomato's translation, so it'd be cool to play this on the gamecube's GBA player & have it feel more legit than my initial PSP emulator playthrough!  


Guardian Heroes - i unlocked nearly every ending on XBLA years back, need to do this on the OG saturn one!  i think donny might be able to play this with me, gotta try. 


that's it, it's just PS4 remakes like Valkyria Chronicles & Uncharted Collection one day. 

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