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so, some dudes on Twitter think it should go to Donald Glover





Last week, we reported about five

actors rumored to be on the shortlist to play Peter Parker in Marc

Webb’s Spider-Man reboot. The website io9 ran an editorial about why

they didn’t want yet another white guy superhero–a sentiment I couldn’t

agree with more. The people in the comments section of the editorial

came up with a sixth name that should be on the list: Donald Glover

(Community, Mystery Team). Glover is charismatic, funny, and

age-appropriate for the role. He’s also a huge fan of the character.

In response, the actor/writer/comedian began a Twitter campaign for the

chance to audition for the role. Tonight #donald4spiderman became the

third-highest trending topic on Twitter. The Facebook campaign has also

amassed over 3,000 fans and climbing.


For more of my thoughts on why casting Glover would make the Spider-Man

reboot worth it, hit the jump.


I’ve had trouble finding a single person who thinks that Sony’s decision

to reboot Spider-Man was a good idea. We’ve heard “Oh, it will be

gritty and contemporary” this time, as if the Raimi Spider-Man movies

were mindless action films. To cast Glover or any actor who challenges

the notion of what Spider-Man has been or can be would provide a reason

for this reboot’s existence, elevating it from the cynical cashgrab it

currently is.


We ran an editorial last year suggesting that Will Smith would make a

good Captain America. The comments section exploded in controversy,

even though there was at least some basis in the comics for a black

Captain America. I don’t know if fans would accept a non-white

Spider-Man, but I don’t really care. It’s not an affirmative-action

move. It’s asking the question: is there anything inherently white

about Spider-Man’s story? Yes, Stan Lee wrote Peter Parker as a white

character, but is there anything about that character’s story that

wouldn’t work for a man of any non-white ethnicity?


Even Glover says he shouldn’t be given the part outright, but I agree

that he deserves the chance to at least audition. I know studios are

scared to do anything risky when it comes to an $80 million movie, but

I’m willing to bet there’s going to be a lack of enthusiasm for this

reboot if people don’t see anything fresh about it. Casting a young,

talented non-white actor for Spider-Man would get people talking about

what is currently a movie with no reason to exist.



i know, but here's the other casting calls so far:



not entirely featured: Lebouf


also: Chevy Chase as Uncle Ben CONFIRMED.



none of this is confirmed


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It’s not an affirmative-action

move. It’s asking the question: is there anything inherently white

about Spider-Man’s story? Yes, Stan Lee wrote Peter Parker as a white

character, but is there anything about that character’s story that

wouldn’t work for a man of any non-white ethnicity?

I think Glover looks too much like a jock that might pick on Parker alongside Flash Thompson than the guy Flash Thompson would pick on. Now, if Glover lost some body weight and got skinny, it could work, but right now, maybe I'm associating him too much with his role in community, but I'm not buying him as a nerd.

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This movie was conceived in about 3 months after Raimi left, has about a 6th of the budget of the first movie, and will feature mostly Peter Parker fights with only a couple moments in costume. I honestly think that Sony just wants to sell Marvel Studios the most expensive piece of shit ever made and they just want to drive this franchise as far into the ground as possible before selling it at a considerable mark-up. That or they just want Marvel's inevitable reboot to have no chance of succeeding due to name recognition.


How anybody can still complain about part 3 in the face of this thing truly shocks me.

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Holy Moses in a basket! Y'all are getting this upset over a bunch of assholes on fucking Twitter? Seriously, grow a pair. Besides, it's not like Spidey's Superman or anything...







aside from the hilarious observations from Dan Cummins, I don't see what the big fuss is about. this flick hasn't even started filming. It's set to be in fuckin 3D so some sort of decent budget for decent action is there. District 9 cost 30 million to make and looked awesome. Not to mention no plot details, aside from "high school" have been announced. Included in that link seem to be more official choices for spidey casting with no sign of that Glover dude.

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3D just means they run it through a computer at the end, District 9 was a very personal and lovingly created project, Spider-Man is a bargain basement replacement meant to fill the slot held by the film that was supposed to come out at the same time next year. They've revealed a fair amount of the plot with the exception of who the villain will be including that there will only be a couple sequences involving Peter in costume. Not to mention it's by a director on his sophomore project who's never done anything even similar to an action movie. How's the Kool Aid taste? Because I bet it tastes like denial.

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  • 4 weeks later...


This just in: Andrew Garfield will play Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man film, Sony Pictures announced Thursday. The fourth movie in the superhero franchise is expected to begin shooting in December, and it's due in theaters in July 2012.


The new film will be an "origin" story that focuses on the young Parker as he first discovers his Spidey powers, the AP reports. It'll be directed by (500) Days of Summer's Marc Webb, who took over after Sam Raimi declined to direct a fourth film, citing creative and scheduling differences. (Tobey Maguire, who played the webslinger in the three previous movies, also refused to participate in the project.)


Garfield, 26, a relative unknown, was born in the USA but grew up in England. He had a major role in Heath Ledger's final film, 2009's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.




could be worse

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I'm more worried about the director. 500 days of summer was a terrible movie full of terrible characters which tried unsuccessfully to mimic what they think an independent film is supposed to look like.


I can't say "I don't know what the fuck Marvel is thinking" because I think I have a pretty good idea what they're thinking, I'm just dumbfounded that they think it's a good idea.

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Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Venom?


The search for a young actress to star alongside Andrew Garfield in the rebooted Spider-Man is intensifying. I'm told that Sony Pictures Entertainment has added a couple of contenders for the role. They are Dianna Agron, who stars in the hit series Glee and Georgina Haig, star of the Ben C. Lucas-directed Wasted on the Young, which premiered to acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Agron just tested last night, though there are questions of availability because she is such a major part of a hit TV show. They join a small group of actresses previously in the mix. The main other contenders are Zombieland and Easy A star Emma Stone, Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska, and Dominique McElligott, who starred in the 2009 Sony Pictures Classics release Moon. These actresses are being considered for the roles of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first love, and Mary Jane Watson, who became his later love.


It's a fluid situation, they might add another candidate or two, but these are the five main contenders. SPE and director Marc Webb might well take one for Gwen, and another for Mary Jane. All this should be wrapped up shortly and then we can get on to speculating about the villain.

Early unconfirmed talk: they want to bring back Venom and they are looking at Philip Seymour Hoffman.


i'm not saying he's perfect, but he's a good actor - he shapes up, this might be one of the movie's higher notes so far.





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