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Project London: A no budget Mecha movie

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Holy crap! My mind was just blown! You've got to see this, and once you hear how this movie is being made, you're going to crap your pants. The two teaser trailers you are about to watch are for a full-length film called Project London. The film is being made with virtually no-budget. It's also a crowd-sourced film project, and it looks absolutely incredible!


This is a live-action movie with vivid, intense, and marrow-vibrating visual effects. The animators created the effects with an open source software called Blender. It was created by 250 volunteers from across the world, and it’s led by The Triumvirate which is set in Seattle, Washington.


Story Synopsis:


After WWII, the Nalardians, an alien race, have brought their technology to Earth. Peace reigns under the world government they helped create, the Joint Command.


Nebraska Higgins plunges into a world of intrigue and struggle when Joint Command kills his father, a hero known by his exosuit, Arizona.


Seeing a prime opportunity, the London Underground, a rugged band of revolutionaries, recruits Nebraska to join the resistance against the Joint Command.


Can Nebraska deal with the loss of his father as interplanetary calamities threaten to destroy the world around him? Earth’s fate depends on the potential in a young man’s heart.


This film is such an amazing undertaking, and I hope that this movie finds success. The film looks like it's going to be freakin' awesome, and I'm very excited to see how this film project turns out. Just the way the film is being created is quite an accomplishment. You can visit the film's website for more information. Now watch the teaser trailers, and tell us what you think!


Project London: Multiply Teaser from Phil McCoy on Vimeo.


Project London: Unleashed! from Phil McCoy on Vimeo.


Project London: Benny's Fuel and Repair from Phil McCoy on Vimeo.


I'm pretty impressed seeing as it has no budget. Thoughts?

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