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Michael Jackson: The Experience


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Ubisoft's Michael Jackson game will be known as Michael Jackson The Experience and will be released in November.


The console games - PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 - will use their respective motion sensing technology (Move, Wii MotionPlus, Kinect) to put you in Michael Jackson's slick loafers as he moonwalks, spins, kicks and shrieks through some of his most famous performances.


The Wii game will be more or less the same as Ubisoft's very popular Just Dance.


The Kinect version has technology similar to that of Ubisoft's Your Shape and projects a 3D image of the player on screen to replace the usual avatars. Kinect's microphone means singing and dancing can be done simultaneously and hands-free.


Microphones can be used with the PS3 version in a separate singing mode.


The DS and PSP games, meanwhile, will use tap-on rhythm gameplay. Oli Welsh, who was at a London event for the game last night, said the DS game looked very similar to Ouendan - tapping numbered circles in sequence and drawing between them.


still dont know if im dancing with zombies again or what's going on yet, but you know...DAY FUCKING ONE.

ps jax says something something Kinect only.

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oh, everyone's a recycled comedian!

some of you forgot how awesome Moonwalker and Space Channel 5 are (i totally just beat Sonic 3 again and remembered him working on the music, heh). still hoping this one has me making zombies dance and occasionally turning into a car & such, but if it teaches me to moonwalk and not fall over, that'd be great, too.


dont fuck this one up, Ubisoft.

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again, idve liked an action/platformer like his last one, but a karaoke/dance game on MJ sounds fun, as a fan of his music - is it more exploitive cause its Ubi? would it be worse if it was activision, or better if it was haromnix?

please, a GH Cobain in '95 wouldve had the same whiners whining and if it was fun and a good homage to his music, it've been a good experience and clearly no worse than courtney selling his diaries or something. presumably it'dve had him saying "YEAH BOYEEEEE" less, though

where are you seeing "unintelligible muttering & apathy"? we're talking about a man who did a ton of motion-capturing between games and videos. MJ was an artist, but he was all about being an entertainer.

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where are you seeing "unintelligible muttering & apathy"?


I was talking about a hypothetical Cobain game,:D I'd forgotten about the GH shit.


Ok, so I guess in a roundabout overly defensive way you answered my question (even though I didn't phrase it as a question).


ME: Does this bug you like I would be bugged by *example*?




Right on. Let the entertainer entertain then.

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i mean, i guess i see what you're going for with the Cobain example...but MJ fucking loved games, was in at least 3 by my count, all of which were about dancing. its hard for me to think hed've been against a game about singing & dancing to his music... *shrugs*. the real offense is only if they manage to fuck it up.


any perception of overly-defensiveness is directly proportional to odds of JZA's pretense, preemptively. he's awful.

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