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The EVO Tournament Finals


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I don't know if any of you are interested but the EVO fighting game tournament was this last weekend in Vegas. I really wanted to make it out but due to some personal things cropping up I couldn't afford it. Maybe next year...


That being said here's the video from the Super Street Fighter 4 finals, it's one hell of a back and forth set of matches:


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From Friday to Sunday, I woke up promptly at 11 a.m. to shower, make some food, wake up little brother up (because he didn't want to miss it either), go to my computer room, get comfy, and blast the audio while watching the EVO stream on my 23" wide-screen monitor. My brother and I saw every minute of it. These stream didn't end till around 3 a.m. and i was glued for most of it.


At times I was yelling at the screen:



When I saw certain top players go down against unknowns; udder disbelief:



Then Ono comes up on stage talking about his next game...BUT SAYS NOTHING!!!



He practically trolled the entire EVO audience with his so-called 'announcement'. The audience was not pleased.



And I'm like:



Anyway, when finals were about to begin, I kinda lost hope. Look, no offense against Ricky O., he's a great player and all but when America's last hope is this:



you kinda feel like your ship has sailed. However as the finals progressed, things got good. So much so I was cheering for 'Pretty Ricky' and astound with some of the shit he was pulling:



As the fight progressed, THE FUCKING STREAM WENT DOWN!!! All 30k of us watching burst in anger, flooding the stream provider with nasty hate mail. Twenty minutes later, the stream was back, a winner was declared and everyone was just let down. All we got was a half-assed apology and the stream provider saying the videos would be on youtube hours later. It was 3 a.m. so I said fuck it and proceeded to bed.



So to sum things up, yeah, I was watching it somewhere.

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hahaha, great post...i swear ima try to watch it with you guys next year, wanna take part as it goes down.

any chance of nelson ever making it in? id love to see a local rank.


Why do that? I wanna go compete next year. Come on NZA, you know you wanna go to VEGAS.

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this year was fuckin crazy...Flocker (homestead's own) takes marvel, with Xian carrying Gen on his back through SSF IV AE! my only upset was seeing Balrog choke, he played a tight game up to that point...fucking oil







so many upsets, so many gods slain

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