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i dont know what that was, but even as concept, it was cool. says wiki:


Mega Man Universe is a game that has been announced for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Creator Keiji Inafune says, "This game will break the mold and challenge the conventional wisdom of what a Mega Man game can be." A teaser trailer was released on July 16, 2010, which included appearances by Ryu from Street Fighter and Sir Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins. The game will be fully revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2010 on July 22, 2010


guess we'll know soon...hype! (?)


Better have Strider Hiryu.


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baytor's got it; thats basically what im picturing...that, or some crazy crossover co-op? Capcom's been doing some fun stuff this gen, but im genuinely interested in where this one's going

especially since i understand namco x capcom didnt turn out as cool as id hoped

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The creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, and producer on the recently announced Mega Man Universe, Akiko Ito, explained—as best as they could—just what the hell this mysterious game is today at Comic-Con. Previously seen only in teaser trailer form, Mega Man Universe will let you "play as the Mega Man of your dreams," according to Inafune.


The concept of Mega Man Universe, Inafune says, "came from the idea of what Mega Man is and what it means to [different people]." Whether you started playing the series when Mega Man 2 was released or whether you start with the Mega Man X series, Inafune says "Everyone has a unique idea of what Mega Man is."


That may help explain guest appearances from other Capcom games, including Street Fighter's Ryu and Ghosts 'n' Goblins hero Arthur. Other versions of Mega Man will be featured in the game, including that "crappy version of Mega Man from the original cartridge," a character featured in the teaser trailer.


Inafune hopes that the ability to play as different characters outside of the Mega Man mythos will encourage creativity in players and that Universe will "unite Mega Man fans from around the planet to play together in one place." While Capcom didn't show any gameplay during the panel, Inafune said they're working hard to have something to show soon.


The Father of Mega Man ended his Comic-Con presentation with another tease, claiming "You haven't heard the last of the Mega Man announcements out there." Inafune said to expect confirmation of an "oft-requested thing that you guys want."


When fans began shouting for Mega Man Legends 3, Inafune just smiled and said "Thank you."


Mega Man Universe "won't be out for a while," according to Ito, but when it does arrive, it will come to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.




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FOOKIN crapcom... they were gonna bring out a HUGE audience in the megahackers making MML3 open; even if it was on 3DS.


Com on man.. after all the megaman 2 hacks? All Megaman 9 &10 are are new (and official) megaman 2 hacks;l no slide or megabuster (I guess) the way the fans like it...


they blame the openess" of Legends 3... jeez... morons.


worst case they can sue everyone like apple, inc. n get filthy rich!


All i got now is street fighter n making sure my megaman collection is completed... everything else crapcom is pumpin now is pretty weak imo.

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