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yeah, i dug that one - here's my favorite diss from com, personally (and you know i'm a big fan of cube)




i don't think we'll see another like ether: 2 titans with over a decade of history,  the '99 summer jam with takeover, nas spending nearly 5 minutes breaking jay down to molecules and dropping it on his birthday 


but if you wanna talk about petty ones, super ugly was enough for jay's mom to make him apologize for it on the radio, haha! i love that story.  


pusha just got me going with that image, the story of OJ beat, the likely-taken-from-MAGAkardashian's-TMZ-plug or some shit info & all...i was honestly trying to think of the last time i thought a battle got that personal, and all that came to mind was this 







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came across a rather thorough 90's hip hop album list if anyone else is down 


Funky Technician by Lord Finesse, released in 1990
It’s a Compton Thang by Compton’s Most Wanted, released in 1990
One For All by Brand Nubian, released in 1990
People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm by A Tribe Called Quest, released in 1990
A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Black Sheep, released in 1991
Mr. Hood by KMD, released in 1991
Breaking Atoms by Main Source, released in 1991
Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop by Diamond D, released in 1992
Live and Let Die by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, released in 1992
Mecca and the Soul Brother by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, released in 1992
Whut? Thee Album by Redman, released in 1992
Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde by The Pharcyde, released in 1992
Runaway Slave by Showbiz & AG, released in 1992
Enta Da Stage by Black Moon, released in 1993
Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest, released in 1993
93 Til’ Infinity by Souls Of Mischeif, released in 1993
Return of the Boom Bap by KRS-One, released in 1993
Black Sunday by Cypress Hill, released in 1993
Buhloone Mind state by De La Soul, released in 1993
Slaughtahouse by Masta Ace Incorporated, released in 1993
36 Chambers by Wu-tang Clan, released in 1993
Tragedy: Saga of a Hoodlum by Intelligent Hoodlum, released in 1993
Illmatic by Nas, released in 1994
The Beatnuts by The Beatnuts, released in 1994
The Sun Rises in the East by Jeru The Damaja, released in 1994
Ready to Die by Notorious B.I.G., released in 1994
Resurrection by Common, released in 1994
Hard to Earn by Gang Starr, released in 1994
Stress: The Extinction Agenda by Organized Konfusion, released in 1994
Tical by Method Man, released in 1994
The Diary by Scarface, released in 1994
We Come Strapped by MC Eiht, released in 1994
Fadanuf fa Erybody by Odd Sqaud, released in 1994
The Main Ingredient by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, released in 1994
Word… Life by O.C., released in 1994
Criminal by Scientifik, released in 1994
Between a Rock and a Hard Place by The Artifacts, released in 1994
Boxcar Sessions by Saafir, released in 1994
The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World by Keith Murray, released in 1994
Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album by The Boogiemonsters, released in 1994
Breakin’ Combs by Dred Scott, released in 1994
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… by Raekwon, released in 1995
The Infamous by Mobb Deep, released in 1995
Do You Want More?!!!??! by The Roots, released in 1995
Dah Shinin’ by Smif-n-Wessun, released in 1995
Liquid Swords by GZA, released in 1995
Lifestyles ov da Poor & Dangerous by Big L, released in 1995
Labcabincalifornia by The Pharcyde, released in 1995
Livin’ Proof by Group Home, released in 1995
All We Got Iz Us by Onyx, released in 1995
4, 5, 6 by Kool G Rap, released in 1995
Jealous One’s Envy by Fat Joe, released in 1995
All Balls Don’t Bounce by Aceyalone, released in 1995
Lyfe ‘n’ Tyme by The B.U.M.S., released in 1995
The Natural by Mic Geronimo, released in 1995
World Ultimate by The Nonce, released in 1995
Doe or Die by AZ, released in 1995
2000 by Grand Puba, released in 1995
Last Chance, No Breaks by Jamal, released in 1995
Station Identification by Channel Live, released in 1995
Ironman by Ghostface Killah, released in 1996
Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep, released in 1996
Stakes Is High by De La Soul, released in 1996
ATLiens by Outkast, released in 1996
Fantastic Vol. 1 by Slum Village, released in 1996
Soul on Ice by Ras Kass, released in 1996
Wrath of the Math by Jeru the Damaja, released in 1996
Dr. Octagonecologyst by Dr. Octagon, released in 1996
Muddy Waters by Redman, released in 1996
The Coming by Busta Rhymes, released in 1996
Nocturnal by Heltah Skeltah, released in 1996
The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama by Real Live, released in 1996
The Awakening by Lord Finesse, released in 1996
Re:Released by The Juggaknots, released in 1996
From Where??? by Mad Skillz, released in 1996
Da Storm by O.G.C., released in 1996
Wild Cowboys by Sadat X, released in 1996
Kollage by Bahamadia, released in 1996
Infinite by Eminem, released in 1996
The Resurrection by The Geto Boys, released in 1996
The Latch-Key Child by A+, released in 1996
Down to Earth by Grav, released in 1996
Here to Save You All by Chino XL, released in 1996
Hatred, Passions & Infidelity by Diamond D, released in 1997
In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 by Jay-z, released in 1997
Sex Style by Kool Keith, released in 1997
Wu-Tang Forever by Wu-tang Clan, released in 1997
Uptown Saturday Night by Camp Lo, released in 1997
Soundbombing by Various Artists, released in 1997
The War Report by Capone-N-Noreaga, released in 1997
Jewelz by O.C., released in 1997
That’s Them by The Artifacts, released in 1997
Funcrusher Plus by Company Flow, released in 1997
The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness by Jedi Mind Tricks, released in 1997
Ghetto Millionaire by Royal Flush, released in 1997
One Day It’ll All Make Sense by Common, released in 1997
Doom by Mood, released in 1997
God Sound by The Boogiemonsters, released in 1997
Time Waits for No Man by Rasco, released in 1998
Capital Punishment by Big Pun, released in 1998
Heavy Mental by Killah Priest, released in 1998
Moment Of Truth by Gang Starr, released in 1998
Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star by Mos Def & Talib Kweli, released in 1998
Soul Survivor by Pete Rock, released in 1998
First Family 4 Life by M.O.P, released in 1998
Lyricist Lounge Volume One by Various Artists, released in 1998
The Dude by Devin The Dude, released in 1998
A Book of Human Language by Aceyalone, released in 1998
E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) by Busta Rhymes, released in 1998
Things Fall Apart by The Roots, released in 1999
Soundbombing II by Various Artists, released in 1999
Focused Daily by Defari, released in 1999
A Prince Among Thieves by Prince Paul, released in 1999
Home Field Advantage by The High & Mighty, released in 1999
Internal Affairs by Pharoahe Monch, released in 1999
Soundpeices: Da Antidote by Lootpack, released in 1999
Amplified by Q-tip, released in 1999
Balance by The Swollen Members, released in 1999
My Vinyl Weighs a Ton by Peanut Butter Wolf, released in 1999
Rhyme Related by Polyrhythm Addicts, released in 1999
Beneath the Surface by GZA, released in 1999
Passage Through Time by Da Grassroots, released in 1999
Nia by Blackalicious, released in 1999
Operation: Doomsday by MF DOOM, released in 1999
Black on Both Sides by Mos Def, released in 1999
The Slim Shady LP by Eminem, released in 1999
As the World Burns by The Arsonists, released in 199

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In 1988, the summer A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master was released, New Line Cinema sued BMG, the music label of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. The rap duo’s second album He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper had been released earlier that year, and they made a video for “Nightmare on My Street,” a tribute, in the pair’s signature goofy style, to the Elm Street dream demon himself, Freddy Krueger. Originally, they’d been in talks to produce the video in conjunction with the studio, but the studio instead opted to commission “Are You Ready for Freddy?” from The Fat Boys. When BMG tried to release the video anyway, even managing to air it on MTV a few times, New Line sued and won, and the court ordered all copies of the video destroyed.

For three decades, the video was assumed lost. Jazzy Jeff told Uproxxearlier this year that his then-girlfriend had mistakenly taped over his copy, and that Will Smith’s father had reportedly lost his.



how cool is that? and here's the Fat Boys with their own freddy tribute back in the day 



happy halloween y'all!


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im out of the loop musically this year but this friday's looking like an AOTY contender for me, phew




Gibbs x Madlib's last shit - Pinata - still stays in heavy rotation for me, and that was like 2014.  Madlib hasn't put this much effort into his collaborations since early DOOM stuff, shit's so good

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