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DoJ's pretentious foreign nonsense film review thread

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Since everyone and their mum has a review thread, I'm gonna add my own to the stack. Mine however, will be entirely foreign language films that people probably won't have seen or won't want to see. But however, I SHALL FUCKING PERSERVERE YOU BUNCH OF SHAMELESS CUNTS!!!!


I shall watch something in the next few days and give a three to four word review as to why its FUCKING ESSENTIAL VIEWING AND WHY YOU'RE ALL CULTURALLY INBRED!!!!


The end.

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With my beard on the return, I figured I might as well kick shit up a notch, watch a film and get my critical brain a working.


I started off with something easy, something I know I love. Something I know everybody should love. A film that is missing nothing for what it is.




City of God would be in my top 5 of films ever made.


It starts off in a Favela, outside of Rio documenting the lives of three stick up or hold up artists and who and what they effect. They eventually bring along the films main antagonist, Li'l Dice or as he is latterly known, Li'l Zé. During this time we're introduced to a number of characters, notably Rocket, who aspires of being a photographer when he grows up. He becomes the main protagonist of the film.


The turning point in the opening few scenes is a botched motel stick up job and having Li'l Dice go missing afterwards and everyone in the motel ending up shot dead. This forces a police search around the Favela and ultimately coming to a mild creschendo.


The film snaps forward a few years. I don't really feel like I should review past this point as it gets hard to do so without spoiling some of the film.



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Martyrs started off not really appealing to me, but the direction it ended in...im fascinated by that shit.


City of God was a great first choice, looking forward to all the ones ive downloaded but not yet watched that DoJ adores. also, i know we've talked about this, but i gotta go look up Salo again.

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Probably a more mainstream foreign film, but an amazing one nonetheless.




I had sat on this film for as long as I can remember after Baytor suggested it way back when.


One lazy day in work, after watching Unforgiven and Mystery Men, I figured I'd obligate my duty to this thread and review another film properly after my piss poor sleep deprived effort above.


[rec] starts off with a slightly hyperactive tv presenter going over and fluffing her lines for a TV segment she is doing with the firemen in a local station. She seems fairly bored with interviewing most of the firemen for the most part and spends a lot of the time willing something to happen.


When the alarm is raised, she goes on a ridealong to what seems like a fairly normal call for assistance in helping someone from a building, but not an actual fire. What occours from when inside the building is a tense, exciting and pants shittingly scary hour or so of film. The last ten minutes of this film are without doubt some of the creepiest I've seen in my adulthood.


My only criticisms of the film would be the main female character and the point of view shooting. In my opinion she's very irritating and overacts, but I feel this is to give a sense of realism as I'd probably do similar in her position. The POV filming has spawned somewhat from the Blair Witch (which was awful) and lead on to this, which used it well, but irked at times, and Cloverfield and the remake of [rec], Quarantine. I'm not a fan of this as it gives me headaches, but that is just a personal caveat.


All in all, I'd give this several opposing digits up.

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I have [REC] on my HD ever since I read Baytor's glowing review moons ago. I really need to check it out. And I have The Seventh Seal on fucking Criterion DVD but still haven't found the time to watch it. Too many movies, too little time...actually, it's more like too many TV shows that are eating my time these days. But I digress...


With my beard on the return, I figured I might as well kick shit up a notch, watch a film and get my critical brain a working...


City of God would be in my top 5 of films ever made...In conclusion. WATCH THE FUCKING THING. IT IS ESSENTIAL FUCKING VIEWING!!!

Huzzah for the return of the Epic Beard of Epicness! You turned me on to this one a while back and I agree w/ the bold statement. However, it'd probably be more in my top 10-15 than top 5.

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actually, doj, my friend... go down the list of the criterion collection for all of their foreign flicks. it's artsy to the uber power. i caught branded to kill, walkabout, in the mood for love and dead ringers - not quite what i enjoy, but interesting mind games/concepts in these.


Criterion Collection DVD list

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Cheers spiffy, you've been repped and the such for that...


Crim, nick, baytor... They'll get checked out at some stage. I'm currently pretty sick and not particularly up for subtitle nonsense as its a bit more taxing than watching something like Harry Brown or The Cube...


I'll hopefully be back with something conclusive soon.

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