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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

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oh god ive gotta just wait a few more weeks and stop looking at clips but i cant


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gideon...that guy is such a dick

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should be fun.


also, local hondonians: fuck a meetup thread ya'll aren't gonna read anyway; looking to go this thursday night to a midnight showing at the Village, should be me, sen, Jax, possibly gun & bish, and Space cowboy if i can reach him in time. i gotta PM newt in case he doesn't see this, not sure if he can swing it with his work schedule though.

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Not good

How so?


Anyway, with 30 reviews into RottenTomatoes so far, it's at 80%. I thought this RT review snippet was interesting: "Feels like the first movie aimed squarely at the gamer generation: those who have grown up with videogames as a fact of life and, in some cases, a reason for living."

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It was better than I expected really, though I have to agree with Ly that the main problem was that Michael Cera and whoever it was that played Ramona lacked chemistry. That and setting up Knives to be the third in the main love triangle was also a little weird as well. Wallace was fucking awesome, best part of the film by far. It was also funny as all hell. Pretty good adaption over all, especially because I did not envy the screen writer who had to condense 6 volumes, two of which were unfinished when he started into a less than two hour film.


But Michael Cera was a mistake, at least in fitting the character. He does well at times, but he didn't play Scott, he was playing himself the whole film.

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So much right and yet so much wrong... where do I start. spoilers ahead but I don't want to dumb the whole thing in a big spoiler tag, go see the film.



Ok the good, they got the feel of the universe down pat. The whole world came alive and they did an amazing job with that, they also fit in many of the in jokes in different places to keep them if they cut out the story parts they were in.


2. The characters, not so much the story arc's but most of the characters felt like their comic counterparts with a couple of exceptions. Lucas lee was the coolest of the ex's, Julie was pretty awesome, good job on the minor characters.


3. Wallace, he by far made the cleanest transtion from the comic, I have to say in terms of the movie he was my favorite character.


4. the first half was fan fucking tastic before they started to make changes to the story wholesale. the pages really came alive in the film and I loved it, even when we got to the part I didn't like it was a pretty fun film(and those parts would have been better had I not read the comic.)


Stuff I didn't like.


1. Micheal Cera, in many way he did a good job, he did really bring scott to life but he had the same problem he pretty much always has, he's playing Micheal fucking Cera, seriouly this kid will never break out of his typecast cause at this point I don't think he can. While scott can be a pussy he's not a wipe and sometime he came across as too wimpy. outside of that though good job.


2. Ramona... after enough thought I think she was proabbly the weakest member of the cast, she did alot of good things but... and some of this is the writtings fault, I just didn't connect to her character like I did in the books, she's too much bitch here and not enough anything else plus we never really get into her head.


3. Scott and Ramona... just not enough Chemistry... you almost want to ask yourself throughout this whole thing why the fuck is scott doing this for her? I never really got to that point in the books dispite the fack I thought she was a total bitch in book 5. I know it's a movie and you only have so much time adn way too much to go over but I really wish this had gone better(and I blame alot of this on Cera, he's had 'romances' in other movies and they never feel very passionate.


4. the second half of the movie... while it was pretty good if you don't know the comic... fuck it kills me to see what they cut, envy almost could have been cut completely from the film and it would matter and that drove me nuts, I was pretty sure the lisa arc would be cut which was a shame cause that whole thing was a huge steping stone in the books. god the envy thing gets me cause I loved the arc.


5. Nega scott... funny sence but kinda pointless with no build up, a shot out to fans but meh in terms of the movie.


6. Sex bobomb sells out... BULLSHIT that is all, and that brings me to my biggest grip...


7. KIM "I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES" PINE. FUCK WHOEVER WROTE THIS GODDAM FILM IN THE ASS. I'll admit Kim is my favorite character, she's also the fav of a huge chunk of the fandom and O'mally loves her so much he wants to give her a solo book one day. They did nothing with her and in fact gave some of her lines to other people... >< god this had me so pissed, she's proabbly the most important character in the books behind scott and ramona and she plays a part in ever step of the way yet they completely just cut her out basicly, Her character would have complicated the movie and I can kinda see why they did what they did but it's fucking crime and frankly they should have tried to work he in more(and kim selling out... seriouly wtf she's the complete opp. of that.) I could go on and on about this but fuck.


8. The time factor... the books takes place a bit over a year and the movie felt like it took place over a week. I know why but some bigger sense of time passing would have helped.


3 little nitpicks, 1. fuck pac man he said she had cool shoes at the part. 2. the ned of the fight with Patel needed to have the cast all on stage ryming.. 3. were are my robat battles from book 5???


Again I did like the movie very much and if you can catch it, I'm just such a huge fan of the books some shit got to me... and fuck the shit they did with Kim.... in the ass.



and nick is right :P

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pretty sure he said "make it a big spoiler tag" right?
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Man, Angel is a whiny crybaby bitch. This movie came together really well and most of the things they changed were not critical. You're bitching about the Lisa Miller arc and robots? I was totally worried this movie was going to have great individual parts but be poorly paced as a whole, and it completely caught me off guard how well the movie flowed. It was fast, then before it could have started going too fast, it slowed down, then before it got too slow, it sped up again. I was never bored or felt things were moving to fast. Really, really well edited.


Some parts were not as good as in the book, some parts were better. As he said above, Nick was most disappointed by the omission of Gideon the cat. I was most disappointed by the fact that they sometimes called Young Neil just 'Neil' a few times in the middle of the movie and that the Katayanagi twins never called Scott Pilgrim 'Spot Pilgrim.' Pretty minor disappointments, all in all. Kieran Culkin captured all the magic that was Wallace Wells (my favorite character), but the movie suffered from the same thing the book did: not enough Wallace Wells. Also, I'm not sure how much of Scott's fighting scene were performed by Cera and how much was stunt double work, but his fight scenes were great. Also, I was afraid they would cut some of the stuff about Todd being a vegan, and they very much did not cut it, so that was a great surprise. And Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Recreation was spot on as Julie. Most of the casting was really good actually. I think alot of people are coming into the movie with same kind of grudge against Cera and they're not seeing that he wasn't playing himself or George Michael Bluth either. I have no idea what Angel is talking about, I never got the impression that Pilgrim seemed like wimp in the movie, no more so than in the books.


The only person that wasn't spectacularly cast was maybe Brie Larson as Envy Adams, though I'm glad they got an actress that is also a legit singer. Mae Whitman was great as Roxy. She didn't sound at all like Katara. I didn't hear her referred to as a 'half-ninja', and in the book when Scott defeated her, she exploded into a bunch of woodland creatures, and I missed that. The only part I actually really didn't like was when Matthew Patel's singing part. That kinda took me out of the moment and made me cringe a bit.


It was very true to the spirit and tone and soul of the book. Also, I agree with director Edgar Wright, 3D would have been too much for this movie. My eyes would have exploded into 7 billion coins had it been in 3D. Definitely watch it in theaters.

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Man... based on what you guys are saying, I don't wanna see the movie anymore. I loved the books and this doesn't sound promising (Love me some Kim and Wallace. Love 'em.) To think, this was going to be the first movie I see in theaters all year. Scratch that. I'll wait for it on DVD now...

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Jax shut the fuck up and learn to fucking read oh wait, it's obvious you can't.


if you go back and read what I said I said it was a well done movie, got the atmosphere for the world down and it's easily worth watching at least once, by hey, why read something when I can just randomly make shit up. Honestly man I'm getting tired of this shit. the only one who has a tree up his ass is you, I liked the movie, I think it could have gotten alot of things better, there are things I wish it hadn't done. The biggest problem is the limited time you have with how much is in the books.


You saw things differently then I did, that's fine, we all see the world through our own lenses but instead of just refuting my points we have to start bashing me for no fucking reason. Anyway if you really think I didn't enjoy the movie then your an idiot, I did very much but I hated that they cut out some arcs that I loved from the books, and basically cut out characters I enjoyed very much(kim and envy being the 2 big ones.)


You can disagree with my points without just attacking me. If you have some sort of beef with me then just shoot me a pm and we'll work it out or bitch to each other in private.

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Los, the movie is definitely worth seeing, it came out much better than expected as I stated above, one's reaction will be based more on what you think of Cera's performance, the chemistry, and who your favorite characters are. If you are a Scott, Wallace, or Knives fan you'll be in like Flynn. if you prefer Kim, Lisa, Ramona, or any of the other secondary characters, then you'll be a little disappointed. But it is admirable how much they were able to get into 110 minutes or so. It felt like Scott overall, and it was better than it had any right to be. It's just missing most of the major character moments from the last half of the series.


And Jax's responses have been insane. Not enough Wallace in the movie? Dude, he was everywhere!

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Jax shut the fuck up and learn to fucking read oh wait, it's obvious you can't.

I can read. Your post essentially said "I liked it, but here's my treatises on why everything about it sucked.: ..." The books had a slower more relaxed pacing that, had it all be translated to film frame for frame, word for word, would have made a feature film long and boring. This movie kept the pacing tight yet varying, juggling several different tones and styles, and keeping the charm and essence of the books. The books were excellent, but they were not a movie script or movie storyboard, they were not written for them film medium, and therefore the changes made for a better film that the one you say you could have made instead.


I'm sorry you're offended by my post. I am disagreeing with you because I have something against you personally. I am disagreeing with you because you are wrong about the movie.

And Jax's responses have been insane. Not enough Wallace in the movie? Dude, he was everywhere!

I'm half kidding with that. I don't think there was enough Wallace in the books either.

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