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Ron Perlman becomes Hellboy for Make a Wish             Was gonna movie blargh this, but it fits so much better in here.

The power of music.

Yeah I just want to get a Bam from him.


In other news, here's the happiest animal on earth.


Meet the quokka, the happiest animal around

By Carmel Lobello 117 days ago



Do you guys know about the quokka? It’s a cat-sized marsupial that lives almost exclusively on the Rottnest Island, a little seven by three mile speck off West Australia. Quokkas look like tiny kangaroos, except a bit rattier and with pleasant facial expressions. Here are nine quokkas just chillin’.



















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University athlete gives up athletic career to donate bone marrow to a stranger


When Cameron Lyle learned that he was a bone marrow match for a man with cancer, he immediately agreed to donate, a decision that will effectively end his sporting career.


The 21-year-old University of New Hampshire track and field star got swabbed to join the bone marrow registry back when he was a sophomore and didn’t think much of it, WMUR reports. After all, Lyle told ABC, he had been told that there was a one in five million chance for patients to find a match in a non-family member.


Despite the slim odds, the shot putter found out recently that he matched with a 28-year-old male cancer patient who doctors said had just six months to live, according to WMUR.


“I was surprised, I was pretty happy. I said yes right away,” the UNH senior told TODAY. “And then afterwards I thought about everything that that meant giving up, but I never had a second thought about donating. If I had said no, he wouldn’t have had a match.”


What the do-gooder athlete would be “giving up” is his shot-put career. While most donors recover pretty quickly, most don’t lift the kind of heavy objects Lyle throws over his shoulder on a frequent basis.


Since he’ll be getting stuck with needles in his pelvis a couple hundred times, he won’t be able to pick up anything weighing more than 20 pounds for about a month. The recuperation time will coincide with the East Conference championship, he told ABC.


While Lyle didn’t hesitate to make the sacrifice, he feared letting down his coach, Jim Boulanger. But he was in complete support right from the get-go.


"Here's the deal," Boulanger told Lyle, according to ABC. "You go to the conference and take 12 throws or you could give a man three or four more years of life. I don't think there's a big question here. This is not a moral dilemma. There's only one answer."





i don't know if missing one tourney = giving up one's career, but still noble all the same


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I did the same thing about that age but it was because I couldn't get the tv on the Disney channel.



That made me smile as I had a similar experience. I never called 911 but I asked my mom to fix the TV b/c we didn't have the Disney Channel like my cousin did on his TV. As a kid, my cousin down the street had cable TV years before we got it in our house, and back then Disney was a premium channel like HBO. So, ya know, they were fancy-shmancy watching Welcome to Pooh Corner everyday. Damn, I loved that show.

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WWI based Sainsbury's commercial that's blowing up the Internet is based on a historical fact. The context of war is always sorrowful, but this Christmas truce is a ray of joy in that horrific conflict And on a lesser note, it's nice to see a corporation offer the truth behind the fiction themselves. Commendable.



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