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Impromptu Vegetarian Ramen


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1 block of dry ramen from ramen packet.

Discard the flavor.

Cook noodles per packaging

Add to water, 4 tbsp Tamari, 4 tbsp Mrs. Dash, 4 tbsp ground ginger



Overall it tasted good.

To do it again, I'd replace tamari with soy sauce.

I'd also replace Mrs. Dash with black pepper, oregano, and garlic.

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What I usually do is...


Rice noodles. Boil as per instructions etc.


Soy sauce, sesame oil, dash of clear honey, ginger and dried chilli. Mix all together until you know, mixed.


Toss noodles in sauce. Add spring onion.


That sounds good. If only those things had been in the pantry last night ;-)

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Brown sugar is a pretty handy substitute for honey, but you sacrifice some of the taste and texture...


I have no idea what Tamari or Mr dash are, mind you.


Tamari is made at the same time when they make soy sauce. When they ferment the soy beans to make soy sauce there's a much denser, richer, substance at the bottom of the cask. This is Tamari.


Mrs. Dash is a table blend of spices including a variety of peppers, oregano, garlic, onion powder, and some others.

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