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Hey I'm BACk!! Its been awhile since I've posted and I've given up on the update section since no one wants to post their :D now on with the topic.....


Well I know that in one point in life you will see anime that the consent continuation of plot repeating it self will drive you mad :angry: but there are also thing you've got love....


Well I just can't stand Lum the constant horn chasing totally pisses me off :mischievous:


okay don't get me wrong I can stand the show I like that charaters and all...and yeah sometimes the story of one episode is super funny but I can not stand that their is no resolution of plot... it just continues and continues with the constant splashing of water, love triangles, and endless conflict AH! I am aware that in Japan it all ended and it is yet to finish here yet but could someone just give ranma a clue...

Rumiko takashi is a great writer but damn to prolong the ending for so long I bet she's rich... :D


But dispite all the bashing that I have done and have yet to do their is still things that i like about anime...For since i am a girl I love the cheesy romance stories :D and the action berserk's animation wasn't to good in my opinion but i loved all the action packed in each episode...


So please bash with me or compliment with or just post for the hell of it......

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Yeah, you guys've listed some greats, with the exception of Vision of Escaflowne, Evangelion, etc GTO's fun too.

Bad ones...old Macross stuff (like series 7, with mechs playing guitairs in space :ill: ), i didnt enjoy Marmalade boy as much as Yahven but he saw it more.

DBZ, Card Captor, Sailor Moon, most anime shown over here & dubbed; id trash it more but i havent watched a great deal of it. I admit i dont get DBZ tho, if its fight anime ya want, check out Flames of Recca or somethin, its a big Mortal Kombat Fest, but done better.

Masamune Shirow's Black Magic M-66 didnt really impress me, and the Tekken anime was weak.

Im lookin forward to Berserk, Cowboy Bebop and those ones soon tho.

PS people were postin in the update Sango, just keep it goin!

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The amine on cartton network's adult swim (saturday 10:00pm and after, not during tonnami) is pretty good. Especially Cowbot Bebop. Based on a few dubbed episodes I bought the dvd set. Definitelyt a series worth seeing all the way through more than once. I'm gonna start watching it again subbed. I just can't say enough good about this series.

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:mmm: Well anime has become very popular in the U.S. despite all the constant editing! :plain: But I guess you have to accept the editing if you want to watch anime in the U.S. :: we damn american edit everything :D ::


I believe the reason anime is so damn popular is because it relates to people at times or just the the scene were the removal of someones head occurs in such a damn cool fashion you want to rewind it and watch again...


even the unique style of romance or the pointlessness of some series ::coughs excel saga:: :D ... or heck just cause its fun...


but the truth is that the story in a japanese cartoon is equal to a story of a tv series here in the U.S. (and i do mean with people) although some would disagree...


but to be honest the fact that the coyote never caught the road runner and they couldn't talk bored me to death along with the sillyness of the never ending stories of U.S. cartoon tv series atleast anime ends damn it!


:D well the good question is why do anime charaters cross dress so damn much? not only that but some of the male charaters look like girls and some girls look like guys :D whats going there!?!?!?!?


what do oyu guys think of my opinion? :approve:

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I think that the best anime is leaps and bounds beyond the best American TV, not just cartoons. Way more edgy, way more progressive, way mor daring. If it wasn't for HBO original programming, it would be completely fucking embarassing. Anyway, I don't think US animation is bad, it's just that it's never taken of beyond either kids shows and/or comedy. Basically, if it's an action/adventure series, it has to be fore kids. If it's for adults, it has to be a comedy. What US animation does do it's really bad, it's what it doesn't do that leaves something to be desired. I don't think I'm gonna hear too many people say that The Simpsons or Powerpuff Girls or :shutter: Spongebob Squarepants or Samurai Jack are bad series. And as far as comedy goes, the US has Japan licked, either that or the Japanese sense of humor is really different than ours, because this anime stuff that's supposed to be comedy leaves me scratching my head more often than laughing.

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Ladies & gentlemen, our newest troll... Spongebob%20Squarepants.gif


Havent watched much of adult swim but like i said, im lookin forward to Cowboy Bebop. Still tryin to see the last Golgo 13: Queen Bee and Ninja Ressurection.

Fist of the North Star was ok, maybe a lil overrated. And im told damn near any live-action Japanese movie based on anime sucks, usually. Storm Riders looked good tho.

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Ian_00765's a troll? Never woulda guessed.


I saw some of the live action DBZ movie. I don't like DBZ, so it's not like it was a dissapointment cause I had high hopes or anything like that, but it really sucked.


And I thought Ninja Resurrection sucked, but maybe that's cause I was comparing it to Ninja Scroll.


IC, do you have my copy of Three Kings or does Tim have it?

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Hah..yeah he watched the dubbed version. Id love to see you two aruge over movies, but if it dont have Vin Diesel i doubt he's seen it.

Ill tolerate the potshots a lil longer, wee man, but dont go lettin your big mouth write a check your lil ass cant cover. :plain:

Ninja Ressurection wanst that great, no, but i understood it to be one of a series, so i was hoping itd get better - fuck, we saw Jubei for wha, the last 10 minutes?

Ill take your word on the live action DBZ. And 3 Kings should be with Spiffy.

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how did xxx get into the anime section?!?


anyway, favs (in no particular order): macross plus, robotech (macross saga), fushigi yuugi, kenshin, ranma (season 1-2 - haven't seen more,) akira, gto, initial d, and laputa (just saw it, better than monoke wow!)


negs: sailor moon and other cutesy anime that has no point... however, i respect pokemon for being the originator of taking america by storm with little pokemon (note: i don't watch pokemon). digiman can shin-e for all i care. hentai - majority of it is non watchable.


jmt, i got 3 kings i hope to god you got brother.....

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I Hate the harlock saga...For simple the simple reason the story is cheese and the animation sux arse...Yet many people enjoy it I don't understand Y? Urusei Yatsura I hate it tough the horns runway get mad and chase again...its like ranma only the at least the guy knows what he wants kind of...

The greats: Eva, Monanoke (damn I can't spell), Akira,...need to think about for a bit..


The loser ones: will stuff like orgun or orguss, shinesmen, hentai, and all those animes with liike no point story or plot for that matter Neia under 7 I would place in the category I think the funnest thing in the hole show was the arabian alien and the one that would come out at the end like an omake thing ....

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