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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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I saw this one a couple of weeks back, never had time to post about it. Great movie, definately reccomended. Specifically, I order Mulan to go out and see it this minute, it's a sort of happy romantic comedy that I actually really liked. Funny as hell, it's about a greek girl coming out of her shell and all this, mostly about her crazy family. Good wholesome fun, this is one I would actually see with family and stuff. Only weak point was the romantic aspect of it, her romantic interest was just this perfect human being with absolutely no depth to him, he's cookie cutter and completely boring, he wasn't a character, he was a plot device. Not such a major complaint though, because they breeze through the love story and focus more on her family for most of the movie. Yes, yes, as you may have heard, it has a guy from Nsync in it, but he's not a main character at all, just a cameo really, he has a funny part too. This one has stayed in theaters for a while and has been raking in cash on word of mouth alone for good reason. Really funny stuff, so, if you want something you can take your little brothers and sisters to, this is perfect, and also just an all around cool movie.

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you know those jokes that keep you laughing a good week after you experienced them? (the fsh! joke is a good example) Well you will make a lot of heads turn by laughing out loud for apparantly no good reason if you see this movie. This one had me going for days after. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! It's easy to recommend becuase it's so pure. It's such straight up fun that it doesn't occur to you that someone might not like it.


Junker, now that you mention it he is a shallow character but I was so occupied otherwise that it didnt matter too much at all eh.

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Ladies and Gentlemen... this just shows the true power of film. Not only did this magnificent movie get the ever so lazy and antisocial dinghy to post... but she sifted pages and pages back to find the thread! Very few movies can do that... and yes, she saw it on friday (third time I got to see it) and is still laughing at some of its jokes. This movie is STILL playing in some theaters over here in miami (I think dolphin and some others are playing it, check yer newspapers and fandango.com) so you really all owe it to yourself to see this one. It's the most likeable movie in ages.

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