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Valkyria Chronicles 3?


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When Sega went and registered the "valkyria3.jp" web domain, a lot of people went ahead and assumed that there would be a new Valkyria Chronicles title on the way. And why not? The strategy series has been a consistent critical success all around, and even warranted anime and manga adaptations in Japan.


Which makes this teaser site, located at "code1935.jp" all the more exciting, because those silhouettes are clearly of the first game's iconic Edelweiss battle tank, and various Gallian soldiers wielding various war weapons. Furthermore, "code 1935" could be a reference to the first game, as its "Second Europan War" broke out in - wait for it - the year 1935. The site opens on September 16th, which also happens to be the same day as the Tokyo Game Show, so we can expect some more details then, like, for example, what platforms it's destined for.


Dear Sega:


Please do not give me any bullshit anime cliche characters like VC 2.






I miss Welkin and Alicia.

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