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Tokyo Game Show 2010


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says (ugh) Joystiq:


Oh, and here's an interesting note: We spotted Metal Gear Solid: Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama entering the room. You know what that means, right? Kinect support for Rising totally confirmed. Zan-Datsu!

let's get some Child of Eden info while we're at it!

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new games for XBLA! heard good things about treasure's Radiant Silvergun, and Haunt is a haunted-house sim by Matsuura (Parappa/Vib Ribbon guy!), cant wait.


Project Draco is by the Panzer Dragoon/Phantom Dust guy, should be promising! oh shit, Suda51s on stage...



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Suda's game, since we're past the kinect dragon-riding:





11:14AM The Microsoft/Grasshopper partnership has prompted "very new innovation," Suda says. "With a new interface we are confident in creating games." He can't reveal too many details yet -- there won't be guns, there won't swords. But it's a core action game, Suda says, and it's for the studio's hardcore action fans. Trailer time!


McWhertor: Uh... Holy shit. They showed a live action trailer for Codename D, which features a baseball wielding bad-ass who takes on mask wearing mascots.

He lit his baseball on fire and destroyed a group of creepy masked-up mascots.


The trailer is very stylish. It shows a guy in what looks like a carnival, surrounded by crazy guys in animal masks. Codename D is the name. The trailer was mostly live action. It's coming in 2011, exclusively for Kinect and 360

...damn. might have to borrow bish's Kinect.

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Child of Eden: still awesome, not gonna be at launch.




McWhertor: Rise of Nightmares looks to feature a lot of screaming, a good amount of torture and a Silent Hill-like aesthetic.

so, on-the-rails sega horror and on-the-rails non-horror from Matuuna...fuck, Kinect is picking up all the niche devs here! not sure how that's gonna work out, but im intrigued.


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor by Capcom is next.








that's it for MS' presser, looks like they're trying to appease sweaty metallica-shirt-wearing core gamers alla sudden.

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yeah, apparently there was Last Guardian footage (?) and snow/rain effects that look beautiful in GT5.

ive been looking for more info for you guys on Project Dark, cant find shit, looks pretty early...they just said "if you liked demon's souls" or the like...you're prolly right though.

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