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As many comic fans know, a new label began right out of Tampa, Florida a lil while back:

CrossGen comics.

The imprint seems to carry almost a dozen books in its library; all stand-alone titles, but all somehow interlinked by their symbol. The gist of it is, you can read one or two and be good with em, but the more you read, the more you can see the unvierse tie together. Its a daring idea, in the face of Marvel's Ultimate line, which goes out of its way not to bog readers down with continuity with too many other books. The strenghts of the company so far seem to be:

- A good repuation for shipping books on time, no matter what - a rare promise these days, when writers can get movie deals and ditch a book for years on end. So far, theyve only missed one shipping date, and it wasnt their fault, despite their many apologies to fans.

- Theyve acquired some big names in a short time: Chuck Dixon (Robin, others), Ron Marz (Green Lantern) and the great Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse).

- Theyre keeping pace with Marvel in releasing trades: paperbacks are out soon after a story arc finishes.

- Theyve got free comics online here.

- Theyre doing this interesting thing where, since its all intertwined somehow, theyre releasing trades each month or so repriting the issues of that month's key series, together in large, full color trades called Forge and Edge, which on average carry 8 issues each, but go for less than ten bucks - a great deal.


Yahven can say more on em if he ever comes over this way; i myself have only read a few issus of Sojurn (not bad, good art) and am currently into The Path, a solid samurai title they put out - even had a Lone Wolf & Cub cameo, its cool. Ill post more on this new label as I find it - Marvel's going strong, DC's trying to keep up, Image is constantly reshaping, Dark Horse has its market, etc - its interesting to see a new label out there, despite the shape of the industry today. Their sales figures arent bad, but theyre not presenting a threat to the big guns just yet - even though theyre at almost every big convetion giving away free stuff (they seem like good guys) they need exposure.



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i like em, great art. nothing spectacular but a good standard with a flavour of image. ive read sojourn and am keeping up with The First and Mystic.


Read a few trades on Sigil and Scion. Thank goodness for Alex's fetish for having absolutely everything :D


It's nice to be able to jump into a comic thats new and fresh. One doesn't feel small and unknowledgable as to the all that has come years past. Again much like the Ultimate line.

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There you have it, a great strenght of the books: Yahven manages to read a fair amount of their monthly stuff - and mind you, The First is in its late twentieth issue by now - and he's not daunted at all.

This is why the big namers relaunch from issue # 1 or start new seires alla time, with new creative teams: its not just for the hype of a first issue for the few fucks out there that think itll make em rich one day, but because it sounds like a good jumping-on point. If i didnt read Wizard alla time, id never know that Batman # 608 next month is the relunch of the series, would you?

But even then, people fear continuity & backstory: its 600 issues into it. Even if it wasnt, its still a character over 60 years old, am I gonna be lost? Good analogy tho, Marvel's Ultimate line tries for the same thing, but perhaps Warren Ellis is right in saying that relaunching old books wont necessarily bring old readers (or new ones) into the fold. So far, CrossGen's not doing too much horribly innovative - tho not as obvious, their characters trike me as mainly superhero types as well - but they are doing great with trades, and I'm supporting them largely because it takes guts & a lot of work to get noticed in the state the inudstry's in today, even for the big names. More power to em.

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Eh...i hear CrossGen dropped Mark Waid because of "creative diferences" with its president...bad move. That guy can have his off days, yeah, but when he's on, he does shit like Kingdom Come, Captain America: Rebrith & Man Without a Country, and X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Wish i knew more why he was let go, but i think its a bad idea.

PS Anyone read Way of the Rat? I like The Path so it was recommended to me, was curious about it...Alex, im lookin in your direction here...

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Guest Yahve

Abuse this and die. I actually paid for this shit.






It's nothing epic, but its all tied together, well planned and fun. It's what comics for modern kids should really be like. I'd recommend starting with The First and maybe Sigil. Each series has its own style and appeal. Nick, make sure you give Ruse a chance.


Oh and dont forget to set the image quality to high, otherwise it'll look shitty at the default low. Don't even bother using hte mouse for balloon tracking, just hit down arrow.

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I'm not even gonna read the article 'cause I had no doubt in my mind from the first time I heard about Crossgen that it'd be out of the picture within five years. I do admire them for trying though (and also trying some interesting things, with their reprints in large volumes for a low price, new concepts etc.) but at the end of the day, there's only a few companies that are gonna stand the test of time. Valliant anyone? Broadway comics? Malibu?

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That's interestin...so despite some non-superhero books, some decent talent (Mark Waid, Chuck Dixon, etc), a massive plot entwining all the titles, comics-on-the-web, cheap trades as ya said etc - you think a new imprint cant survive? The big 3 - Marvel, DC & Image - may control the market share, but you might be suprised; Dark Horse & Tokyo Pop (manga like GTO) hold their own, accordin to last month's figures...what made ya so certain they woudlnt hold up?

I hated on em at first, but again, i became fond of The Path and Way of the Rat after both were hyped to me in Texas. The only beef i have is with Alessi himself, he's a bit of a prick - you know that Darick Roberston fella ive been talkin with, Wolverine & Transmet artist? He cant seem to come out my way to Orlando's big Mega-con 'cause Alessi all but hosts it, and he's said to hate Roberston's shit; called Fury "an example of why comics are in the toilet these days"...that wasnt called for, i enjoyed Fury.

Ive actually emailed MegaCon askin them to invite Robertson, for what its worth. Petty, i know, but id just figure a CEO of an up & coming company, especially takin heat right now for not payin up all his inkers & artists, despite known to be a multi-millionaire, would have a bit of tact...

Anyway, if youve a chance, its a fairly interestin article, even addresses his treats to "blackmail' the artists who went public with their claims...anyway, i should read more of their books before they go under, if it does go that way.

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Bad news for CrossGen fans...



Answering many questions held by fans, CrossGen today announced that nine of their series would end in the coming months, including all four of their initial launch titles, Solus, Ruse, and secondary sigil titles. The series will close, as events build toward The War, a crossover encompassing the CG Universe.


The cancellations amount to over 60% of the comapny's output, not counting Code 6 and CGE projects, which apparently will continue.


CrossGen’s release reads:



After three years of planted clues, mounting tension, and escalating skirmishes, the saga of the Sigil Bearers vs. the Negation Empire is hurtling towards its explosive climax. As events build toward THE WAR, the following titles will reach their series finales with the following issues:


CRUX #33 [December]

THE FIRST #37 [November – previously announced]

MERIDIAN #44 [January]

MYSTIC #43 [December]

THE PATH #23 [January]

RUSE #26 [November - #27 was solicited for December]

SCION #44 [January]

SIGIL #43 [December]

SOLUS #8 [November – the series had been solicited through issue #10]


When THE WAR hits in 2004, our greatest warriors will finally collide with an invading evil as alliances shatter, worlds burn, and destinies are fulfilled. While some characters will reach their story’s end, others will move forward in surprising ways. Prepare to cheer, cry, and gasp as the stage is set for the next generation of adventure.


The strong response to EL CAZADOR has led to the launch of KISS KISS BANG BANG. What’s next? Join us as the New CrossGen begins.

Surviving The War and its associated carnage, will apparently be five titles: Sojourn, Brath, Negation, Route 666, Way of the Rat.


..is this the beginning of the end, after them having a hard time paying inkers & such...? Either way, I'm gonna miss The Path.

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I'm not even gonna read the article 'cause I had no doubt in my mind from the first time I heard about Crossgen that it'd be out of the picture within five years. I do admire them for trying though (and also trying some interesting things, with their reprints in large volumes for a low price, new concepts etc.) but at the end of the day, there's only a few companies that are gonna stand the test of time. Valliant anyone? Broadway comics? Malibu?

Told ya...

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Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW) today announced the acquisition of the assets of CrossGen Entertainment, Inc., an innovative publisher of comic books and graphic novels, fortifying DPW’s position as the world’s leading publisher of children’s comics. CrossGen’s stable of epic fantasy and science fiction properties include Abadazad, Ruse, Way of the Rat, Meridian, Mystic, Route 666 and Sojourn. Disney represents approximately 50 percent of all children’s comic magazines sold around the world, reaching readers of all ages with 220 million comics each year.


One of the first CrossGen titles DPW plans to develop is Abadazad, a complex and deeply engrossing story of a girl’s search for her lost brother, set in a fantastical world within a world. Four Abadazad books are already slated to be published by Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of DPW.


I hear Disney bought Crossgen for the low, low price of... 1 million dollars! Damn...

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...man, san diego comic-con was so busy, i almost didn't notice this. here's lookin' at yahve!


Marvel Teases a Possible Crossgen Resurrection [Video]


Marvel's Cup o' Joe panel featured a slightly baffling video teaser. Over the course of a few short seconds, an orange and red logo appeared on-screen, burned away, and then was revealed to have a new design. Want to see the video? Check it after out after the jump.



While the crowd clearly had no idea what was going on, looking in on some recent comics history provides a big fat clue. In 1998, Mark Alessi founded Crossgen, a comic book publishing company based out of Florida. Alessi hired several superstar comics creators, including Butch Guice and Mark Waid, and published a comic universe that spanned several genres and time periods, but had strong connective tissue. After some troubles, Crossgen filed for bankruptcy in 2004.


Here's where it starts to make sense: Disney bought Crossgen's assets for one million bucks after the bankruptcy. Disney published a few volumes of JM DeMatteis and Mike Ploog's "Abadazad" as a series of mixed-format children's books. Checker Books printed several collections of Crossgen's series in 2006. Since 2008, however, news out of Crossgen has been scarce.


Except now, right? It looks like Marvel, which was bought by Disney earlier this year, is going to be heading up the return of Crossgen in 2011. There were no details given on the panel, and no one even mentioned the name of the company or what form the return will take, like an imprint or a miniseries. Still, Crossgen had a few very solid series, like "Way of the Rat," "Sojourn," and "Route 666," so it will be interesting to see this revival next year, no matter what it looks like.


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Notice no one knew what the heck they were looking at with that teaser. Dude, presenting started clapping expecting uproarious response. Nope. Haha!

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