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World Series 2010 - Rangers vs. Giants


Who do you want to see win?  

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Who do you guys think will win this World Series?


Personally? I'm rooting for the Rangers. I'm pleased as pie that the Yankmees got taken out of the equation. It makes this World Series an honest test of skill, and fun. The Rangers did a great job beating those bastards, so I'm gonna root for them. Cliff Lee? Awesome pitcher to say the least. I really hope the Yanks don't buy him up in the off season. Fuckers will do ANYTHING to win. Assholes. Anyways, enough about them, they're DONE.


I say it's gonna be the Rangers in 7.

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New York bahbee woooooo!!!! cliff lee's a done deal!


to lazily jack my response from the other thread:


damn, lotta injuries indeed. wait, so its the Rangers vs the Giants? eh...i don't really have a dog in that fight, tend to root for the national league though, so uh, go Giants.


there it is. sorry we never root the same way, benny-man. buy my Yankees


aside, i grew up booing whoever the american league threw at my braves.

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