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Persona 2 comes to PSP!


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this week's Famitsu:


PS3 Way of the Samurai 4

PS3 Wizardry: Torowareshi Bourei No Machi (?)

PSP Persona 2 Innocent Sin Tsumi

PSP Venus & Braves

360 Seisou Kouki Strania (Grev STG)

360 Arcania Gothic 4


god i hope Way of the Samurai 4 is better than 3. Anyway, hype! I know 1 didnt get a lotta love on the PSP remake, but as i recall, 1 wasn't a fantastic game to begin with. 2's been said for years to be amongst the best in the series, and we've never seen its second half officially released, so assuming it also gets ported (can't see why not! this makes 1-3 on PSP already), it should be awesome to finally run through this classic.



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