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Comic Book Day At School.


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This week at my high school happens to be "Homecoming/Spirit week". Every day we have to dress corresponding to a different theme. Monday you were supposed to come in completely mismatched. Tuesday was "Twin Day"(real original right?) and wednesday was Time warp day. Heh, my friends came in dressed like characters from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy grail. They had patsies and everything.


Anyway, back to my point. Today happened to be Comic-Book character thursday. And, well as many should know from my avatar I am a huge Punisher fan. So of course I had to take advantage of this day! Well, I come to school, hair slicked back, t-shirt with a huge Punisher skull on it(made it myself) and a nice black leather jacket. I was of course expecting some competiton from at least the Monty Python kids. I come to school to see...well...horror.


People in Spongebob clothing for God's sake! I saw about 20 people as Spiderman, and another 50 as Superman. One came to school dressed as a strawberry. I asked what the fuck he was supposed to be and all I got was a "Fuck you you little freak" Apparently people don't take kindly to a kid with a black jacket and big white skull talking to em.


I cant decide what was worse, the kid in the big Spongebob costume or the Strawberry. So I shall let you, the humble message board patrons, answer this.


P.S. This is my first poll attempt so be kind to my fragile ego if it comes out all screwed up.

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Haha...christ, that sucks. Punisher one musta been cool tho - fuck, if it wasnt for superhero movies comics would get practically no mainstream attention at all, it seems.

I think Spongebob might now have some kinda Archie-like comic (all big cartoons get em, i fortunately just dont see em much, tho i bet the Power Puff one would sell like hotcakes if it had exposure), but 20 of em is crazy.

Anyway, i voted for the strawberry, that's jsut fucking lame.

On an unrelated note - perhaps this should evolve in the "Come in Alone" thread - is the massive sucess of the superhero comc movies doing the visual art form of comics - not the industry here, but the medium - any good, or just reinforcing America's views of comics as nothing more than picture books of men in tights, designed for kids?

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Click that there link that the bottom of the page that says Drunken FTP (the fourth of six blue lights that turn purple with the cursor over them). When the folder pops up, drag and drop the file in (or you can create a folder for yourself and drop it in there too). Then link the image to http://drunkenpics.netfirms.com/*insert foldername here*/*insert file name here*

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Top notch work! If I ever need a comic book shirt custom made, I'm going to you first.


I had a comic book character day at a school I went to once, but I was kinda limited in resources, so I went as dilbert, a comic strip character. I even put a bent coat hanger in my tie to make it curl up. Lame? Yes, but it was better than my Geometry teacher who promised to come as Superman and ended up saying he decided to go with Clark Kent.

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