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Reverend Jax


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This is another poll/thread that's a crossover. Wasn't sure to put it in Music or Comics, but Nick gets pretty upity about threads in the Comic forum that aren't pure comic threads, so in Music this goes unless Nick feels like moving it. There were enough songs about Superman to constitute an entire poll for just him, so there are alot here for him. There were alot of songs that had to be left out. I only put songs were the comic book character(s) were the main focus of the song, no song with just one or two references (Bicycle Race by Queen, Paradise City by Guns 'n Roses, My Name Is by Eminem, In The Garage by Weezer). I also left out Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice, Batdance by Prince and Men In Black by Will Smith because they were movie songs. I also left out Surfing With The Alien by Joe Satriani because even though it's about Silver Surfer, it's an entirely instrumental, like all of his songs actually, and so I left it out for lack of lyrics.


There is one clear chioce for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't get the attention it deserved. I'll leave it at that.

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Hah! That's cool Jax, never saw that one. Like i said, im gonna hold out till i can hear the others.

On a side note, one issue of Wizard almost answered the question "Did Ozzy write Iron Man with the Marvel character in mind?". I believe the answer was long the lines of that he was on so much drugs at the time, it very well might've been, but he didnt recall.

I thought Chad Kroger's "Hero" was kind of a comic-hero song, even outside of being played in Spier-Man, but it doesnt really mention anyone.

Also, i wish they played some of thsee songs at Islands of Advenure - anyone who's been there might recall the "Hero Cafe" (this over-priced restaraunt, comic-themed...mostly George Perez art on the walls). They tried to keep the theme too, right? Only, they play like 3 songs...i think it was like "Hero" by Mariah, and 2 other similar ones. I ate there for 20 minutes and wanted to kill the stereo; wonder how theh kids that work there feel.

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Heartless and I have plenty in common. I've never argued that. Of course she hates that song, along with all Nickelback songs, just because other people have heard it. I like Nickelback (not crazy about them, but I like them) and complete and total obsurity is not a prerequestite for my liking of any contemporary music.

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I prefer the Ramones' version of the Spider-Man theme. Download the Ramones version and play it next to Aerosmith's and tell me you still tink Aerosmith's is better.


I was listening to Superman's Song by The Crash Test Dummies (B-Side to Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm). Wish I had included that one. Great fucking song.

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I like the amount of Nickelback apologism prevalent in 2002. It's as good as NZA's excited anticipation of Miller's DKSA.


Oh 2002 Nicholas Custer, the trials you'll face...


I'd nominate & vote for Rapper's Delight just for Big Bank Hank's merciless callout of Superman's suit & what he considers to be inferior sperm.

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god, im so glad there was no internets for me @ 1996


hey, man. hey.

i stand by chad kroger's "hero" as a fun song. id still bump that shit. you're gonna have to dig deep to match DKSA issue 1's review, sir.



i hate you so fucking bad, but not as bad as i hate myself

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