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The 'burbs, Philadelphia and Charlie Wilsons War.


Three fucking amazing films. The man for a good while could do very little wrong. I just wish he'd not besmirched himself with the Da Vinci Code nonsense.


Edit to say, the 00's was difficult as I also love The Terminal and Catch me if you can.

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Was Joe Vs. The Volcano worth mentioning? Did ANYONE like that movie?


Now, now Baytor. I listed his entire filmography. Many a time I have seen a poll and someone come out later asking for a write in. In my warped mind, I figured someone like The NZA would come back saying that, "Joe vs The Volcano was the epitome of life's essence in the 80s and shame on you for not listing it!"


Interested in who else like Charlie Wilsons War. I figured I was on my own with that one.


I just saw Charlie Wilson's War about a month ago and I liked it. I mean, its very hard to keep me in a room when a movie hasn't held my interest and I saw the whole thing.


My all time favorite has to be A League of Their Own. I believe I was watching said movie when this poll came to mind.


"Are you crying? There's no crying in BASEBALL!!"

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I started to watch Charlie Wilson's War when it first came on DVD, but had to stop it for some reason and just never got back to it. I read up on the real man around that time and he was definitely an interesting character. I need to go back and finish the film. Sorkin's a great writer, so I'm sure the film is pretty damned good.

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