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the division of joy

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excellent thread, would read again Wait, we prolly shoulda done this before it ended... :???:


basically, you could've pay a penny (if youre a dick) or whatever amount you want for everything in both humble indie bundles! that included Braid, Mechanarium, Aquaria, Osmos, Penumbra, numerous others...there's like 10 games in there, and most can be activated on steam!

best deal i got this year, totally had to double dip and give them a bit more when they went & tossed in the first pack.

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Well for those of you who don't listen to the show (shame on you) giving to THQ is giving to charity right now. They have been on the verge of closing their doors for some time now and were riding on the Darksiders II money and Saints Row money to keep them in business. It's very likely they will be shutting down in the near future if someone doesn't step in to keep them going.

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