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I'm planning on catching all of those in the theater except for Cars 2. And as for the one that makes me most excited? At this point the only two original concepts are Cowboys & Aliens and Super 8. And since I know bupkis about Super 8, I'm going w/ Cowboys & Aliens as my most anticipated. Indy. Bond. Favreau. Sci-fi. Western. Sounds like my mug o' tea.

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Bar maybe Hangover 2, none of these really appeal to me...


I know you'll say it's your opinion but your opinion is wrong and offensive to me.



Thor, Cap, Super 8, Cowboys and Aliens and Green Lantern all get the psyched vote. Battle: Los Angeles would too if it was a summer blockbuster as I am ghey for alien invasion flicks.


Hangover 2, X Men Babies and Harry Potter don't excite me as much as they should. The predecessors to each one were (respectively) slightly over-hyped, shit ending and disappointing for reasons I can't put my finger on.


I will not be seeing Transformers or Pirates as I do not wish to get AIDS.

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Yea, good call on Battle for LA, Crim! I'm eager to see this one.


Jax, I stand corrected, sir. Actually, I sit on the toilet typing on my iPhone corrected. But I digress...


Aarty, I may take my nephew to see Cars2, but that's the rare exception of a Pixar flick holding no interest for me.


And Super8 had a befuddling yet eyepopping trailer during the Super Bowl. I wonder if it's going to be an Amazing Stories kinds thing?

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