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Louis Theroux documentaries


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it's been a while since we had a thread on quality documentaries (i had an interesting one on african countries in culture, where this thread might later migrate), wanted to bring this guy to others' attention, as he's all over some current political/social topics of interest.




more to come, he's got a lotta stuff on youtube and a lot of it seems loaded/at times, hard to watch like some of this as well.

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He's brilliant. The Texans & I spent a good amount of time holed up in Joel's guest room watching he and Jimmy Carr. The DVD boxed set which comprises the weird Weekends, Louis meets... and specials is great. He has a way of getting stuff out of people. Great interviewer.


Other high points to look out for(for this crowd) are Gangsta Rap, South African Nationalists, and the above week with the Phelps. That shit was just disturbing.

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I just watched both docs. I've seen the news clips about this cult before and they were even on the Howard Stern show a few times back in the 90s/early 2000s, but I didn't know why they did these protests--what motivated them to hate so vehemently.


These docs are absolutely fascinating. The "humanistic" factor of watching these cult members in their beliefs is, well, gripping to watch. You see some members go deeper in the rabbit hole (the one from the first doc Louis was trying to "reach" actually is becoming her mother) from the first doc back in 2006, and others have left the church all together. Oh, and Joel should be happy to know Obama IS the antichrist. :loopy:

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I'm interested, but we've watched so much stuff on Scientology lately, I'm sure it'll be a lot of repeat information. I didn't mind it much in Remini's show because she expanded on it and gave us so much more. It's good to hear the reenactments offer a new perspective!

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In Forbidden America, Louis Theroux eviscerates the far right



Remember Boaty Mcboatface? Well, in Kentucky, there's a far-right activist called Beardson Beardly whose luxuriant facial hair makes him look (though I'm not sure he fully grasps this) more like a hipster baker than a guy who (allegedly) likes to use the Nazi salute. Beardly's politics may be viler than his cute name suggests (he's a rabid supporter of Nick Fuentes, the founder of the America First Political Action Convention, who disapproves of interracial relationships and believes the US should be white majority and that no group is more protected than "the Jews"), but he's a total baby. "My country's better than yours!" he shouts at Louis Theroux when the two of them fall out about five minutes after first meeting. "I'm cooler than you!" It's like listening to a ten-year-old who's drunk too much Sunny D. Time for a little lie-down, Beardly!



this is gonna be a hard watch right here

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