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Black Dynamite

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I find it hard to believe there wasnt already a thread on this!


Great flick. Infinately rewatchable. I've proablly seen it 6 or 7 times! It's where I got my RockBand Karaoke band name: The Chocolate Giddy-Ups!


Also this:





Adult Swim animated series slated for 2012. Features most if not all of the actors from the film voicing thier characters. Also animated by titmouse (Chirp.) and directed by Carl Jones of Boondocks fame.



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part 2 will be an homage to Blazing Saddles & Buck the Preacher


The star-studded red carpet premiere of Alex Cross was held last night in Hollywood, and while we'll have our full video coverage up later this week we couldn't wait to share with you this story from Michael Jai White, the star and co-writer of the cult comedy Black Dynamite, with an update on the sequel which, as we learned exclusively at CraveOnline back in June, will feature the same cast but not the same characters, or even the same genre. What genre are they leaning towards? White tells us that they're finalizing their plans, but are leaning towards... a western.


"In the inception of Black Dynamite there were a few type of ideas we were going to do. Kind of like Monty Python, use the same cast but do different type of movies," says Michael Jai White. "We had discussed, and it looks like we're getting closer to the decision of something that would be an homage to Blazing Saddles. [...] It's a western comedy in that spirit of Blazing Saddles, but you mix that with Buck and the Preacher."


CraveOnline will be back with more Black Dynamite 2 news (or whatever it's going to be called) before donuts start wearing alligator shoes.

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