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The Rules Of Attraction Review

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Well, I've been pysched about this movie since I saw a trailer about a month ago. Saw it yesterday. Not sure what to make of it, still letting it digest. It definitely a movie that stays with you. Some cool cinematic tricks, like going backwards and forwards through time in a crowded party. The first scene is really harsh and should leave you feeling a bit sick to your stomach. There are plenty of moments like that throughout the movie and it certainly doesn't get tame, but in the "shock/disturb" factor, for me, it peaked in the first scene. Kinda seemed pointless and meaningful at the same time. Strange/cool/weird movie. I will definitily give James Van Der Beek the chance to be seen as a more versatile actor and whose capable of more complex characters and will lead to him getting good roles (if he chooses to take them). One thing I can say is that if FIU is even remotely like the average college, this is NOT an accurate portrayal of college life or I'm probably just really naive, which is highly likely actually (did I just use three adverbs in a row, fuck). Favorite scene: the Victor indroduction scene, towards the end of the movie.


Check this movie out. It's worth it just for being more interesting that most things out there, even if you don't like it. Critics have been tearing it up, but I think they just don't like it when someone shoots for the stars and falls a bit short.

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Yeah, this one was pretty cool. As far as I see it it's about a bunch of generally fucked up people who think they know what they want, but are sorely mistaken. It's certainly not for the faint of heart, this one goes for shock value at like every corner. There were a few scenes that fell flat for me (mostly when they tried to go for gay humor, and the whole thing with vanderbeek owing those guys money), but mostly, it was funny, entertaining, and stylish as all hell. Loved the style, the backwards stuff didn't feel like a cheap trick at all, the split screen thing worked fairly well. Of course, it went a bit overboard at times, some of the narration and extreme closeups and stuff, but for a movie that shot for that much style, it got away with like 90% of it. Jumping around through time kept it interesting and sort of made you feel as fucked up and disjointed as the characters. Performances were great, especially from Van der Beek, he has that "Clockwork Orange" stare down perfectly. It's certainly not for everybody, but it was entertaining as hell.


PS Yeah, this movie is in no way whatsoever representative of the college experience. It's really unrealistic as hell, but that's why they call it "fiction" eh?

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he has that "Clockwork Orange" stare down perfectly.

My thoughts exactly. Very evil and menacing. Almost felt like he should have been saying "six double five three two one, sir!" If they ever do a Clockwork Orange remake, and by the grace of God they won't, I'd want Van der Beek taking the lead. And of course, Brad Pitt would have to be in it because, well, I think any movie is better with him in it.


And if I'm not mistaken, fiction means it DIDN'T happen, fantasy means it CAN'T happen.

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