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icp vs twiztid


hoo win?  

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k ninjuhs diz is it. duh ultimitt battel fo da croun of undispooted illin. da combaters r da 1 n olny icp and dose oddr clouns twiztid fo reel. hoo winz inna bluddy battel hachit to hachti.


furst iz icp. dey cum owt sweengin. hachits raysed uf corse. CLLINC! dye hit. -2 poynts


twiztid is up nex. now dey uze hachit also but wit a biggr sharp part. SLIKE! dey his icp for 3 poynts. getting bluddy.


vilent j pools owt hiz shotgun and blows twiztids hed off. -A MILLYIN BITCSCH!


end.. uh... batle


who yall thik win?



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By jumping a red car over something?


I find it strange an a little frightening (but not in the way that they intend) that there's a whole "white trash in grease paint" sub-genre of Nu-Metal. I gotta admit, that picture would be pretty awesome if Twiztid weren't more than likely even bigger tools than ICP.

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