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X-men Schism & Regensis


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that's right; series started with kirby, ENDS WITH LAND



X-23 and emma...are fucking with me here.




After announcing the end of its longest running title in "Uncanny X-Men" last week, Marvel Comics has unveiled plans for two new series to take its place. Resulting from the events in "X-Men: Schism," the publisher will launch "Wolverine & the X-Men" #1 in October to be followed by a new "Uncanny X-Men" #1 in November as part of its "X-Men: Regenesis" plans.


According to the Associated Press,Kieron Gillen will continue writing the adventures of Cyclops and the mutants who decide to stay with the longtime X-Men leader, while "Schism" scribe Jason Aaron will tackle "Wolverine and the X-Men."


Axel Alonso, Marvel's Editor-in Chief and longtime head of the X-editorial team, told the AP, this plan was one a long time in the making and not a decision made for a quick sales bump. "For five years, we've been getting our ducks in a row to prepare for `Schism,' just as 'Schism' sets up a 2012 event that will have all eyes focused on the X-Men," he said


Stay tuned to CBR for more news on Marvel's X-plans.


I'm really out of the loop here, assuming it's something to do with X-Force? also, you know shit's crazy when Cyk is more hardcore than ninja-killer :wolvy:


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I know Pack's a hack but I fucking LOVE that final Xmen cover. Gorgeous. Interm of event, we figure this just New/Mighty avengers for the muties? Probably. Though I still wanna catch up at least on what's happening with Cyclops.

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heh, JZA called Land pack. also, look at that cover again -fuck is going on with jean's stomach, or whatever porn-pose he stole for Beast? ugh.




CBR: Speaking of fighting, it sounds like the philosophical differences of "X-Men: Schism" will carry over to these two new books?


Gillen: I would say they inform the two titles. That's the way I'm thinking about it.


Aaron: In "Schism" each member of the X-Men is going to have to choose a side and go one way or another. This is not a situation of X-Men shaking hands and going, 'We're going to be over here. You stay there and sometimes we'll get together and play baseball and everything will be fine." This is a "Civil War" situation where it's brother against brother and friendships are torn apart. So it's not a throwback to the era of the Blue and Gold Teams. This is a very different situation than that.


Gillen: It's an important to note though that when the books begin the two teams aren't at war. This is an ideological schism and my side of the argument views the other team almost in a patronizing sort of way. They're like, "You're being children. Essentially we're going to look after you." They're almost paternalistic about it.


Aaron: Right. Neither side looks at the other and shakes their fist in the air and says, "You're villains and we're going to spend every day now trying to bring you down." These groups look at the other side and think, "They're doing it the wrong way and we're doing it the right way." Both sides feel that way.


One of the things we talked about with "Schism" was that we didn't want Scott or Logan's sides to be the villain of the book. They're two defensible positions. You can argue vehemently for either side and have a great case for both sides. Neither one of those characters can be vilified because of their arguments.

... CBR:So it sounds like the two groups' different viewpoints and different interests means that there will be different types of stories in these books?


Gillen: It's sort of frustrating to have to talk in general terms, but the "Schism" will push my side to take what they were doing previously and kick it into high gear. For the last couple of years the X-Men have been trying to act more like super heroes and make people hopefully like them more. So now they're going to take that to the highest level by aspiring to be the most important and public super hero team on Earth. They're going to try and change world wide opinions of mutants in that way. At the same time they're still being feared and hated. So There's an implicit threat in the existence of my team. This is a very powerful group and their feeling is, "Yes. We're going to save the world, but fundamentally we're a group of nukes. You don't want to mess with mutants ever again."


That's the core concept of "Uncanny X-Men" and the moral questions related to that.


Aaron: My book will be very different. It stars a completely different cast with a completely different set of goals. It will be the sort of X-book we haven't seen in quite awhile. So between these two books you're going to get some very different flavors of X-Men stories.

... CBR: The idea of friends and co-leaders brings up another question that you guys may be able to talk more about. How big is the cast in each of your respective titles?


Gillen: My book focuses on a small field team, but there is a support network around them. Normally though there will be the same nine people in the field.


Aaron: My book on the one hand has a huge cast, but like Kieron, I'm trying to focus it down to a core group. Like I said, Wolverine is the team leader, but he'll be surrounded by a group of some old familiar faces, some brand new characters, and a few second tier characters who are forced to step up in a big way.

... CBR: We imagine the group's respective leaders will be committed to the philosophical drives of each of the teams, but what's the feeling among the members of the various groups? Is everyone a believer? Or do some people need to be convinced?


Gillen: There's a spread of opinions inside my team, but there is a sense of, "We have all decided to do this together." That's the key thing that binds them together. They've heard the arguments and they've made their decision. There are some people though who they really had to work to convince. When the line up of the teams is revealed you'll see that some persuasion was involved to get some particular characters to go along with things. That's what makes it drama though. If everybody agreed with everything all you would need is one character and a bunch of robots [Laughs].


Aaron: My book is the same way. You'll see the full range of opinions. Once this split happens there are some characters who sign up from the word go. There are other characters who have to be talked into it, and in my book there is one character that literally has to be dragged along in chains.


So you'll get the full mix, and going forward it will continue to be a shifting situation. Just because a character chooses one side or another it doesn't mean they'll stay on that side. You can have people going back and forth. This separation between the two groups will continue to be an evolving dynamic.

Quote: CBR:Since the two groups will have different philosophies and different agendas, will they also operate in different areas? It seems like if both stayed in San Francisco they'd be constantly getting in each other's way.[/u]


Gillen: Yep. This town ain't big enough for the both of us [Laughs].


Aaron: It's safe to assume that. I can't really say anything beyond that though. ...CBR: Let's talk a little bit about how these two teams will relate to the other heroes of the Marvel Universe. You would think with Wolverine's membership in the Avengers that his team would be the more connected of the groups, but is that necessarily the case?


Gillen: There's a line in the first issue, I believe, that says the X-Men have been essentially dealing with stuff that comes to them and just trying to survive. So this new volume of "Uncanny" is about something else. They're trying to genuinely change the world in a proactive and deliberate way. So they're going to engage with the rest of the world in that way.


CBR: Jason, Will Wolverine's leadership of an X-Men team mean that he has less time for his other teams like X-Force and the Avengers?


Aaron: I don't want to speak for ["Uncanny X-Force" writer] Rick Remender, but you will certainly see the events of "Schism" reflected in "Uncanny X-Force." Rick and I have been talking a lot, so "Schism" and Wolverine's decisions will have a profound effect on X-Force. X-Force will also have a profound effect on "Wolverine and the X-Men," so there will be give and take going both ways there.


And yes, Wolverine will still be on the Avengers, so no he's not going to suddenly drop out of the other 17 books he appears in. He'll still be a busy guy [Laughs].

Frank Cho art!












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good summary on another forum



"X-Men: Schism" is a five-part X-Men event beginning this July, exclusively from Marvel Comics. Written by the acclaimed comics author Jason Aaron (Scalped, Ghost Rider, PunisherMAX, Wolverine) and featuring a different superstar artist for each issue (Carlos Pacheco, Frank Cho, Daniel Acuna, Alan Davis, and Adam Kubert), "Schism" is a story years in the making; one that will shake the foundations of Marvel's mutant heroes, and ultimately divide the X-Men into two groups: those siding with current leader Cyclops, and those siding with Wolverine. Once head-butting rivals, now brothers united in a common cause, these two heroes will clash over wildly conflicting methods, set against the backdrop of one of the largest threats the X-Men have ever faced. The outcome of "Schism" will determine the future of the X-Men for years to come, and thrust them back into the spotlight of the Marvel Universe in a very big way.


This is not a story about painting anyone as a villain, or about one side being right and the other side being wrong... We're dealing with two guys who have very strong principles, and very strong beliefs; they also have definite ideas about what the X-Men should be doing, and how they should be doing it. They just find themselves at an impasse.


-Jason Aaron, Writer


"Schism" is the X-Men's "Civil War." The biggest X-Event in a decade divides the mutant universe across distinct battle-lines and asks readers the question: Whose side are you on? And there's a reason "Schism" ends at exactly the same time as "Fear Itself." Next summer, the entire Marvel Universe will have its eyes on the X-Men.


-Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief



The events of "Schism" have been subtly building in the X-Men books for years now. Its roots reach all the way back to "House of M" and its aftermath, when Professor Xavier stepped down and Cyclops became the unofficial leader of a race on the edge of extinction. Tasked with ensuring the survival of mutantkind, Cyclops has been forced to make some very difficult and often contraversial decisions. He has moved his team across the country, from upstate New York to San Francisco. He has allied himself with Namor and Atlantis, and raised an island form the sea; called Utopia, its shores are open to all mutants seeking asylum. He has welcomed former enemies into the X-Men's ranks -- including the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto. He has created a secret death squad, X-Force, and tasked it with exterminating those who would commit mutant genocide. He has led allies into battle against impossible odds, and sacrificed the lives of friends and even family, for pursuit of the "greater good." He has done all of this in the name of mutant survival, and with the "messiah" Hope now returned and the X-Men publicly viewed as heroes, Cyclops's goals now appear to be within reach.


Being shepherd to the mutant flock was far from easy, and Cyclops's decisions have on a personal level cost him at least one friendship (Beast has left the X-Men and rejoined the Avengers) and a son (Cable died returning X-Force to the present, after a mission to the future to save Utopia). Although he shoulders a heavy burden Cyclops has never been alone however, and is able to rely upon a diverse support group that includes his lover Emma Frost, his mentor Professor Xavier, and his most ardent acolyte Magneto. But through it all, there has been one mutant to back his every play, to offer brutally honest opinions and encouragement, to get his hands dirty when necessary, to rely upon to get the job done: Wolverine.


Wolverine is the one Cyclops turned to when his secret X-Force death squad needed a leader. Wolverine is the one Cyclops turned to when the hard things needed doing. And Wolverine has done those hard things, not without questions or reservations, and not without coming to blows on more than one occasion; but ultimately, done because he believes in and shares their common goals. He trusts in Cyclops and his vision, but that trust of late has cost Wolverine, and those closest to him, much. He watched as his X-Force teammates stained themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually in the blood they spilled and shed for the "greater good." His closest and best friend, Nightcrawler, gave his life protecting the mutant messiah Hope from Bastion during "Second Coming." And in recent months, Wolverine has glimpsed the nightmares that await him in hell after an unnaturally long lifetime of killing, when his soul was sent there prematurely by an organization seeking revenge for loved ones killed by the Wolverine.


Despite all this, Wolverine remains a close and trusted ally, someone that Cyclops can still rely upon to carry out orders with quick and decisive action. But what happens when Cyclops gives an order that Wolverine can't -- or won't -- follow? What happens, when Wolverine no longer believes that the decisions of their leader are still contributing towards the common goals of mutantkind?


"Schism" is the story of what happens when that day comes.


They were never friends, but Logan has come to look at Scott as his general. He's come to respect him much more as a leader these last few years, as Scott has taken control and taken mutants to places they've never been before... Logan has always been the good soldier, sometimes maybe a little bit begrudgingly, but he's always been right by Scott's side and gone out of his way to do everything he could to bring about Scott's vision. Now they find themselves at an impass, and for the first time Logan says no. He feels the train has gone off the tracks.


-Jason Aaron, Writer



KYL3u.jpg CHxpC.jpg surWG.jpg 84HFn.jpg CrfPB.jpg




what's also cool is it seems to launch from the return of Quentin Quire, and there's some covers with Wasp so it looks like Morrison's New X-Men has ties. kinda looking forward to this one now.



ps bwahaha, the teams begin!






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Quire is back? In what mental state?


Man, I gotta read some of this new shit. I kinda tuned out when they started fighting vampires, but this intrigues me.


So what side gets Quire? Him, Iceman and golden boy are just about the only Omega levels around, right?

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i too zoned out when the vamps showed up, and...wait, iceman's omega level? since when? also, the pic i saw of Quire was in physical form, somehow...yeah, i'm lost too. might've just been for reference.


reminds me, i recall reading X-Man was coming back to some book or another.

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Fuck yeah Iceman's omega level. Age of Apocalypse was the first I remember hearing about it. He just hasn't reached his potential yet in 616.

The dude doesn't even need a physical form, he can survive as a liquid or a gas. He's damn near an elemental. He can transport himself like Swamp Thing does through The Green, letting one body die and creating a new one somewhere else (he's only done it with water that I know of, but I don't see why he couldn't potentially do it with moisture in the air)

His power doesn't create ice, it removes heat. On a molecular level. He can potentially change the environment of the entire planet.

Iceman = a bad motherfucker, he just needs a good writer.

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god, i wanna say arch was on about this same bit a while back....yeah, i recall reading about his "potential" forever too, but its so much easier to act like its there in books like AOA. the real reason he's not reached that yet in the 616? dude's lamer than X's legs during holiday issues.

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I'm guessing it's something to do with Loki fucking with his powers back in the day? I don't recall Iceman from AoA but Mutant X Iceman froze everything he came into contact with because he never recovered from that key event. I'm guessing that 'recovery' in 616 is what's prevented him moving up in the power stakes.

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I think not having a writer that gives two shits about him is what's prevented his powers from escalating.


Even at his current level, Iceman could take out the entire rest of the team practically effortlessly at any given moment, minus the telepaths.

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or the fact that he's so goddamn boring he can't even hold people's interest in a mini-series


i mean, logans had to resort to "he could beat up your guy! you'll see!! :misty: " you know you're backing a winner when even bendis struggles in USM to make him likable as a teen.

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I guess he is kind of the NC13+(did I get your weird classification correct?) version of Johnny Storm, have they not ever done anything with him over the years? Mutant X Bobby was compelling enough in a tragic kind of way, if any of you aside from Baytor read that.

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That's the one. Fa'reals though- Evil Alex Summers(popped up occasionally), Mr Freeze Bobby Drake and downs-syndrome Hank McCoy were a damned fine read until it became a bad Star Wars parody & Elektra as the love interest.

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Mutant X was the best X-Men book ever, at least until about 5/6 of the way through when the just went "well shit guys, we need to tie this shit up in like 3 issues whether it demands more or not."


It's definitely worth it for Captain America roiding out into some sort of giant Hulk-like monstrosity shouting out patriotic slogans whilst beating people to a pulp. It also streamlines the Avengers with Iron Giant Man

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I've always kind of meant to read it. I get more of a kick out of alternate reality books than is probably acceptable. Pretty much the only thing I used Marvel digital for when I had it was to read the entire run of Exiles (there's a Mutant X Evil Havok issue, but it was written by Chuck Austen, sooo :gross: ), which also gets pretty awful towards the end.


I really love Exiles Mimic (who's a mutant, unlike that 616 clown). I really dug the story of him being embraced by the original X-Men as someone that could actually understand their problems and abilities and could give them an opportunity to teach.

Unnecessary tangent? Mayhap it is and mayhap it aint.


it is


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to be honest, i'm not sure.

:wolvy: kept X-force together after Cyk said to disband it, but the promo reads like Scott's asking logan to bump someone off that strikes him as "too far". it's almost like the roles you have there are reversed, with Scott taking more and more from Erik's playbook.

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