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Nintendo's Gamecube now comes in a great bundle: The system (indigo), a memory card, and a copy of Super Mario Sunshine, for $190. Helluva deal.


Microsoft's X-box has a great deal going as well, thanks to Sega. Starting today, X-box will include 2 great Sega games, Jet Set Radio Future & Sega GT 2002, as well as the improved, smaller S-controller (now the system's standard), for $200.

In addition, theyve extened the rebate of $30 on their DVD remote (the only way to make the system play DVD's) until November 2nd, making the device effectively free if the system's bought before then.


Both bundles are great deals, and now's the time to pick up either of these systems if youre interested. Sony hasnt announced any special bundle as of yet, as theyre still outselling both these two by a decent margin, both here and overseas. Ill post here again if Sony decides to be generous for christmas.

(Information comes from Gameforms.com)

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