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the Bacon Bacon truck


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to San Fran...




It was only a matter of time.


Presenting the Bacon Bacon Truck, the natural evolution (lovechild?) of America’s dual, unrelenting fascination with bacon and food trucks. The brainchild of Jim Angelus, former GM at E&O, Bacon Bacon will launch in mid-July at Off the Grid; it will also be parked around town and available for private parties.

It is, as you would surmise, a food truck dedicated to bacon.


So what’s on the menu? Bacon, obviously. There will be six sandwiches, all made with bacon (though some can be made without): A pork belly and fried egg one, a grilled cheese number, the L.G.B.T (lettuce, goat cheese, bacon and tomato), pork meatball banh mi (featuring bacon in place of the traditional pate), broccoli rabe with bacon, and the requisite “Bacon Bacon Burger.”


On the side, there will be french fries, fried with rosemary and sage, salted and topped with parmesan; there is the option to get them “dirty” with fried pork belly trimmings. Angelus has also made a deal with San Mateo-based Devil’s Canyon to serve their root beer on tap.


Oh, and there’s another side dish: a bouquet of bacon. It is what it sounds like.


Bacon Bacon is due to launch in two weeks or so.

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We do, we call it fucking ham. Bacon my asshole.


Anyone else surprised that the dishes sound surprisingly classy? I was expecting bacon sundaes and shit.


Neg. We're not talking Canadian Bacon here, sir. Come to our country and partake of our greasy wares, then try talking about the supremacy of your silly yankee concept of 'bacon'

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I like mine thick and chewy, so it seems like, once again, America is FUCKING ME IN THE ASS!


I'll go drown my sorrows in some brand new $20 video games and legally perform a fatality. Then maybe I'll appreciate the place more.


Go eat some $5 takeout you sonovabitch.

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