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Saw this in between classes today, and it was really damned good! Don't let the fact that Vin Deisel is in it phase you. He ain't bad in it, he just plays a big tough guy. And it was made before XXX so if anything, it's a shame that he's not gonna get roles like this anymore, where his size factors into his character, but that doesnt mean he's blowing shit up every five minutes.


Anyways, it's about the son of a Mob boss who was just never cut out for the business. He finds it impossible to get a normal job because everyone knows who his father is, so he swears he's ready to work for his dad and begs for a chance to prove himself. He gets sent on an errand, delivering some money to some people, and he brings his friends along, who are all essentially wannabee gangsters trying to prove themselves and help out their pal. Of course all sorts of complications come up concerning the money and they're all in deep shit. It ends up being about trust and morality, as most of these crime flicks end up being.


The movie is pretty much the sum of all of it's cool parts. Great performances by pretty much everyone. Seth Green, Barry Pepper, John Malchovich, and Dennis Hopper are all especially good in it. The script is awesome, and really character driven, so each character is fully developed and meets an end that is suited to them. It gets to be pretty funny and has all sorts of twists and turns, leaves you very, very satisfied. The music was pretty cool too, Clint Mansell of Pi and Requiem for a dream fame. Sort of reminds you that music can really add to stuff sometimes. All in all, a damned fine movie, well worth watching, and highly reccomended.

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