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Asian Massage Parlors and Table Showers


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My wife was reading the New Times last night when she asked me what a table shower was. In the ad she read for an asian massage parlor, it said that after a paid sixty minute massage, the customer would receive a FREE table shower. I wasn't completely sure, so I looked it up. According to the Urban Dictionary a table shower is:


a washing of the body by another person, usually an asian woman, while laying on a table. First face down then on your back so particular attention can be paid to private parts

Nearly all asian massage parlors now offer the table shower


How can this be legal? Can they really justify it by saying the rub costs you money, but the tug is free? Anyone here ever pay for a massage and get a happy-ending? Anyone ever frequent an asian massage parlor?

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There's a bunch in Miami (you just gotta know where to look), but I never got one here... in Tampa on the other hand...


Nah, when I was stationed in Tampa there was a bunch of these massage parlors, too (first time I'd ever seen one). A couple of the guys and I would go and get massages, but never any happy endings. We all were hoping to get it (we were all around 20 at the time), but were too pussy to ask. One day we walked into one and one of the guys just asked and they ran us outta there. Pfffft. We never went again.

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yeah, there's a bunch in lauderdale, too. friends of mine used to frequent, and mad cheap if you're not obvious like logan said.

they get shut down from time to time, but it's so dumb that it's not legal. i don't see anything wrong with it, but i'm mad cheap myself.

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Hmm... Regarding the part where money changes hands for cum, Idunno. I guess I'd draw a big line between this and prostitution citing stuff like, it's not 100% of what you're paying for, and with hookers you're paying for a variety of services with a central theme/invariable ending, whereas this is just a more comprehensive massage. If we had something like this in AU I might have partaken out of curiousity when I was single, now's a different story though.

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what's great is, on another forum i peruse, there was this thread where a guy tried to get people to share asian parlor stories, and got it started by talking about busting through the condom last time he was there, and only realized when he went to go down on the broad as a "thank you".


thread went ten pages, and it very much wasn't about anyone else's experiences, you can imagine.

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